38 goblin Wiki/Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Family, Education, Net Worth

Christopher Francisco Flores, known as 38 goblin is an American musician.

Quick Facts
January 27, 1994
Age 30 years
Birth place Greenville North Carolina
Occupation Musician
Name Christopher Francisco Flores
Height 5’5”

Be fore Fame

Ex fugitive his teenager years was mostly avoiding the laws making money in any matter. He was in the process of trying to make his self a better person, a person that respects society as it is.


I have work and met up with artist bandit ,nba young boy , jay the youngin.

Family Life

He was raised up by a single mother (Christine Britt Flores) father( Francisco Flores )Was around at times. His cousins and older brother was his role models they would all ways rap back in the days on the  concept tapes  using a old school answering machine, Jones boy Aka (Steven Jones ) and j-Rell Aka Tarell Jones  and 38 Goblin aka Christopher Flores made songs back in 2010-2012 together they where local hit tracks,

  • He had problems with race growing up he is half Mexican and half African American he had to stand up for him self whole entire life, in 2011 he got lock up for some charges racketeering assault , and having an illegal   fire arm I severed 9 months in the Maury Nc  correctional institution.