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Jamy Gourmaud, also known by his first name Jamy, is a journalist and television host. Since 1993, he hosted many programs scientists on France 3, which it is not rocket science with Frédéric Courant has and Sabine Quindou and that Amazing Experience until 2012, then World of Jamy.

Quick Facts
Jamy Gourmaud
Born  January 17, 1964
Age 60 years
Birth place Vendée, France 
Occupation Journalist
Other work TV host

Early life

Jamy Gourmaud was born in  January 17, 1964 in Vendée, France . He studied at Saint-Gabriel-Saint-Michel high school in the town of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre ( Vendée ), then at Notre-Dame-de-All-Aides high school in Nantes , where he obtained a literary baccalaureate. . Subsequently, he graduated with a law degree , then graduated from the Practical Institute of Journalism (IPJ) in 1988 2 . In 1990 , he received the Young refer to the International Festival of Scoop and Journalism of Angers for his show on the Romanian maternity 3 . He joins Fractales on France 3 in1992 , after experiences in print and radio.


Of October 17, 1993 the 1 st February 2014, Jamy Gourmaud is the creator and animator with Frédéric Courant said “Fred” It’s not rocket science , a popular science show with a significant reputation. Jamy plays the role of the exploder and stays in the show’s truck during his interventions. He also turned 26 ‘stop , It’s clear for everyone and It’s not the sea to drink always with Frédéric Courant. SinceSeptember 2000, Jamy Gourmaud is a scientific columnist on the program Pourquoi? How? on France 3 and in Mise en point , on La Cinquième. From 2001, he animates What an adventure! , which is a program of historical reconstructions. He is also present in the shows Special Health: your questions, our answers on France 3 , with Michel Cymes and Marina Carrère d’Encausse .