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Patrice Drevet is a journalist and French politician, member of the Radical Party and Generation ecology. He is particularly famous for his role as presenter of the weather diary on France 2, and Patrice Drevet’s mini-diary, broadcast every day at 18 hours on TF1, in the 1980s . Patrice Drevet is the father of Cyril Drevet, TV host and Player One journalist .

Quick Facts
Patrice Drevet
Born January 4 , 1948
Age 76 years
Birth place Paris, France 
Occupation Journalist
Other work Politician

Early life

Patrice Drevet was born in January 4 , 1948 in Paris, France . He attended the École du spectacle until 1964.

Career in the audiovisual industry

Patrice Drevet started as an assistant, then editor, on the second channel of the ORTF then journalist on the first channel of the ORTF, to become responsible for the edition of the 20 hours in 1974. After a period of globe-trotter, he is host-producer and producer on television: In 1984, he presents Patrice Drevet’s Mini-Journal on TF1 . The credits of the show are an excerpt from Another World of the Telephone Group . In 1986 on the same channel he is at the controls of the Mini-mag .

From 1987 to 1988 he animated As3naute, the game Génies en herbe and Flash Mag on FR3 . On the same channel in 1989 , he presents Drevet sells the wick (DVLM) , a daily show of 26 minutes. From 1990 to 1991 , he worked in the team of Allain Bougrain-Dubourg FR3.

In 1992, he held the “job section” in the show Télématin on France 2 . Since then, on this channel, he produced in 1993 the television program Télévisator2 presented by his son Cyril Drevet as well as youth programs on Wednesday morning. He is also the designer of the Employment Magazine , presented with Daniela Lumbroso on Saturday morning. From 1996 to 2008 he presents the weather reports of France 2. He works in the weather department of the editorial office of France 2, named ” Grand reporter” “And became deputy departmental manager of the channel’s weather service in 2001. During this period, he also presented in 2006 : It would tell you , a 52-minute monthly on Demain.TV .

He then leaves the weather of France 2 and retires on January 11, 2008.

Having become rare in the media, he is, with Patrice Laffont , Jean-Pierre Castaldi , Philippe Lavil (as well as Jérémy Charbonnel), one of the protagonists of the entertainment Better late than never shot in Asia and diffused on France 3 during the summer 2019.


  • 1987: 7 Golden – Best Youth Program


  • Tam-tam for a Betacam , in collaboration with José-Louis Bocquet , ed. Carrère, 1987.
  • First job, the Guide , ed. Hachette, 1992.
  • The planet is warming up! Understanding to better fight , ed. Chene, 2007.

Other functions

  • As a sportsman, he participated:
  • to 3 e Paris Dakar ;
  • at the Atlas Rally (1987);
  • at the Rally of Tunisia (1987).
  • He retired on Friday, January 11, 2008.
  • He is actually :
  • Technological education adviser, audiovisual section, with the Academies of Paris and Versailles (production of films on the trades).
  • President (creator in 1996) of the International Festival of the image of trades “(Film), which takes place every year at the beginning of October in Pézenas between 2008 and 2014.
  • Honorary President of the Association Parcours et Patrimoine.
  • President of the pétanque club of Neuilly-sur-Seine.
  • He recently lent his voice to a documentary about petanque in Japan, Tokyo Soleil.

Political commitment

  • Of March 16 , 2008until 2014, he is councilor of Pézenas , in the Hérault , on the list led by the various right Alain Vogel-Singer.
  • The January 28 , 2009, he is appointed as the leader of the New Center for the South West Region for the 2009 European elections with Damien Abad . The New Center having given up presenting independent lists of the UMP, it agrees to take the lead of the list Independent Ecological Alliance of the Southwest constituency, including Generation Ecology to which it belongs, the Independent Ecological Movement and France in action .
  • The January 29 , 2010, he is head of list of Independent Ecologist Alliance – for the regional elections in Languedoc-Roussillon . He obtained 3.87% of the votes in the first round, and supports the candidacy of Georges Frêche for the second round.
  • In January 2012, he is a candidate for parliamentary elections by the Radical Party Valois in the first district of Herault . He achieves a score of 1.40% of the votes.