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Abu Taha Muhammad Adnan is a famous Bangladeshi Islamic speaker who is viral on social media specially on Facebook and YouTube for his speeches. He was born in Rangpur Zilla, Bangladesh and also raised in there. The 31-year-old speaker’s home is in Rangpur district. In 2018, he became the first runner-up in the enlightened knowledge competition. He mostly makes statements about the Dajjal and the future world. He is endowed with the virtue of subchan, at the same time general educated and madrasa educated. Imran Nazar Hossain has similarities with him and similarities in what he said in his speech. Those that have similarities are similar to those of Maulana Asem Omar (Al Qaeda, the head of the India branch), Anwar al-Awlaki, Mufti Qazi Ibrahim, and those who have similarities are similar to those. In other words, not all his words match with Imran Nazar Hossain, but all his words match with Asem Omar and others. He is rapidly gaining popularity among young people because of his outspokenness. In addition to teaching Arabic online, Adnan visited various mosques across the country and delivered Friday sermons. He is also known as a religious speaker. The number of followers of his Facebook page is 52 thousand.

Date of Birth Not Known
Age  Not Known
Birthplace Rangpur, Bangladesh
Occupation Islamic Speaker
Years active Not Known
Nationality Bangladeshi
Net Worth Not Known


He has completed Honors, Masters in Philosophy from Karmichael College, Rangpur. Besides, he has received training in religious subjects including Arabic grammar from 10 to 12 masters of Jamia Salafia Madrasa in Rangpur. After that he himself acquired knowledge by reading Islamic books.


This popular Islamic speaker has been missing since June 10. He was accompanied by three other colleagues, including the driver, when he went missing. Many days have passed but they still do not find any information. The disappearance of this young Islamic speaker has caused a stir on social media. His fans are using hashtags to find him.


In 18 June 2021, his family (Uncle/Mama) reported that Abu Taha Adnan is back to his home.


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