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Andrew Strominger is a theoretical physicist from the United States who works in string theory. He received his doctorate in 1982 from MIT under the supervision of Roman Jackiw. He is the Director of the Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature.

Quick Facts
Born  July 30, 1955
Birth place United States
Nationality American
Citizenship USA
Birth name Andrew Eben Strominger
Education University of California, Berkeley, MIT
Known for Physics
Occupation Theoretical scientist
Scientific career
Institutions  Harvard University
Fields Physics
Notable students Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

Early life

Andrew Strominger was born in  July 30, 1955 in United States. His father Jack L. Strominger
is a professor and mother was a teacher, they encouraged him to full-fill his dreams.


Andrew Strominger completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in 1977. He completed a master’s degree at the University of California , Berkeley , and completed a Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982 under the direction of Roman Jackiw . After a time teaching at the University of California, Santa Barbara , he was awarded a teaching position at Harvard in 1997.

Personal life

Andrew Strominger is married and he has kids.

Research and Career

He has done research in the field of quantum gravity and string theory, including work on Calabi-Yau varieties, thermodynamics of black holes , and topological changes in string theory. He is also one of the creators of the CGHS model. Member of the Society of Fellows (in) , Andrew Strominger is the son of Jack L. Strominger.

His contributions to physics include:

  • An article with Cumrun Vafa that explains, from the theory of cords, the microscopic origin of the entropy of a black hole , in correspondence with the thermodynamic calculations previously made by Stephen Hawking and Jacob Bekenstein .
  • An article with Philip Candelas, Gary Horowitz and Edward Witten in the 1980s on the relevance of the Calabi-Yau varieties to retrieve the Standard Model from string theory.

Awards and Distinctions

In 2008, he received the Leonard Eisenbud Award for Mathematics and Physics, awarded by the American Mathematical Society (2008)  , together with Hirosi Ooguri and Cumrun Vafa . He is also the recipient of the Dirac Award (2014), the Oskar Klein Medal (2014), the Basic Physics Prize (2014) and the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics (2016).

***Facts About Andrew Strominger***

  • Does he smoke?: No
  • Does he drink alcohol?: No
  • Andrew Strominger was born and raised in United States.
  • Height?:                       5 feet 5 inch
  • Weight?:                      79 Kg
  • Hair Color?:               Black, brown
  • Eye Color?:                 Brown
  • Hobbies?:                   Researching, traveling, reading.
  • Favorite food?:         Pizza, Pasta, healthy food.
  • Favorite color?:       Blue, black, white and yellow.


Did you know…

  1. Andrew Strominger became known in 1997.
  2. Also she has huge fan-base in Asia and Europe.
  3. Strominger  awarded numerous prizes, fellowships, and honorary professorships.



Year Event
1955 He was born on  July 30, 1955 in United States.
1977 He received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College.
1982 He received a Ph.D. at MIT.
1997 Joined Harvard as a professor.
2014 He received many award and prizes, his total award number is over 200.


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