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Plot: Antarjal (2023)

Amid the fourth industrial revolution, a hidden menace emerges on the dark web, posing a cyber threat to nations. The youth of Bangladesh takes up the fight against this invisible force, striving to rescue their nation from impending social crises.

Summary: Antarjal (2023)

“Antarjal” depicts the struggle of Bangladeshi youth against an enigmatic internet-based entity that aims to weaken the nation. Talented young individuals join forces to counter this threat and save Bangladesh from a perilous situation.

Review: Antarjal (2023)

While the trailer is not available in this context, “Antarjal” promises a gripping tale of young heroes fighting against an invisible force that threatens their country. The trailer likely provides a glimpse of the intense struggle and digital conflict portrayed in the movie.


– Jannatul Ferdous Oishee
– Faisal Ahmed
– Shantonu Shaan
– Shatabdi Wadud
– Shahiduzzaman Selim
– Misha Sawdagor
– Arifin Shuvo
– Sunny Sanwar
– Sumit Sen Gupta
– Taskeen Rahman
– Ahmed Mostofa Raktim
– Sadia Nabila

“Antarjal” features a talented ensemble cast, including accomplished actors who bring their characters to life and contribute to the film’s compelling narrative.