Atif Ahmed Niloy Wiki/Bio, Career, Music Videos, Songs, Death, Breaking News

Atif Ahmed Niloy was a famous Bangladeshi musical artist. He was an artist who gained popularity by singing songs mainly from the popular social media youtube channel. On 23rd May 2022 at 7 o’clock in the night the doctor declared him death. According to media, it is known that he died by suicide but the exact reason why he committed suicide is not known yet.

Date of Birth Not Published
Age 24 years (approx.)
Birthplace Not Published
Occupation Musical Artist, YouTuber, Singer
Years active Not Published
Nationality Bangladeshi
Net Worth Not Available

Career –

Atif Ahmed Niloy had gained popularity long ago due to his singing. A number of songs including ‘Kar Basare Ghumao Bandhu’, ‘Boka Pakhi’, ‘Kar Lagiya Khoda Tumi’ have garnered millions of views on YouTube. Atif Ahmed Niloy’s songs had a special significance especially for the youth. His own YouTube channel ‘Atif Ahmed Niloy Official’ garnered over two lakh subscribers in just nine months.

Breaking News –

Atif Ahmed Niloy, the popular music artist of Bangladesh, has passed away. On Tuesday, May 23, at 7 pm, doctor declared him dead.
Thousands of his fans are mourning his death. According to many of them, “death is normal but accepting such a death is like putting a stone in the chest of a worldly suffering. Atif Ahmed Niloy represented thousands of heart-broken people. “Love for life, not life is for love”! Maybe suicide is not a solution !”

Note: The dead body of Niloy was found hanging from the ventricle after breaking the door at 4 pm on Tuesday.


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