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The Man Behind Dad.CEO

Luc Chénier, a renowned Canadian public speaker, seasoned CEO, entrepreneur, and author, has left an indelible mark on the international business landscape. With a successful career spent working with governments and international brands, Luc’s unique business acumen and marketing expertise have consistently impacted the bottom line of his ventures.

The Father and Creator

In addition to his illustrious career, Luc embarked on another profound journey—the path of fatherhood. At the age of 32, he welcomed his daughter, Maya, into the world. Luc often fondly refers to her as his greatest creation. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a new chapter, one where he would not only influence the business world but also nurture a growing family.

Exploring Luc Chénier’s Insights

Throughout the years, Luc has generously shared his knowledge, experiences, and wisdom through a series of insightful articles. These articles serve as a repository of his thoughts on diverse subjects:

1. “Learn From the Best (2 years ago): Luc’s perspective on learning from the brightest minds.

2. “Jeff Hoffman – Exclusive Interview (2 years ago): An exclusive conversation with Jeff Hoffman.
3. “Reigniting Fatherhood with Intentionality and Engagement (2 years ago): Luc’s exploration of rejuvenating the essence of fatherhood.
4. “EXPLORE & DISCOVER: San Diego, California (3 years ago): A captivating journey through San Diego.
5. “EXPLORE & DISCOVER: DOMAINE DE CHANTILLY, FRANCE (3 years ago): Discovering the enchanting Domaine de Chantilly in France.
6. “Barack Obama: Father-In-Chief (3 years ago): Revealing the fatherly side of Barack Obama.
7. “2020 MOTHER’s Day Tributes (3 years ago): Heartwarming tributes to mothers.
8. “Why you need to discover Vilnius, Lithuania (3 years ago): Unveiling the hidden treasures of Vilnius, Lithuania.
9. “DISCOVER: Athens, Greece (3 years ago): A cultural journey through Athens.
10. “Discover: Singapore (3 years ago): Exploring the vibrant city of Singapore.
11. “Great advice for dads by Andrew Cuomo (3 years ago): Valuable insights from Andrew Cuomo on fatherhood.
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13. “Bruny Surin – Exclusive Interview (3 years ago): An exclusive interview with Bruny Surin.
14. “John Boynton – Exclusive Interview (3 years ago): A revealing conversation with John Boynton.
15. “THE SECRET TO BEING A BALANCED DAD CEO (3 years ago): Unveiling the secrets of balancing fatherhood and leadership.
16. “OSCAR MUNOZ – CEO, UNITED Airlines (3 years ago): A one-on-one interview with CEO Oscar Munoz.
17. “1-on-1 with GUY KAWASAKI (4 years ago): An exclusive interview with Guy Kawasaki.
18. “Triple-A Listening: Attitude, Attention, and Adjustment (4 years ago): Emphasizing the significance of attentive listening.
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20. “Setting-up your ‘algorithm’ for success