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Brittany Alexis Tomlinson, popularly known as Brittany Broski, is an American social media sensation whose talents span across various domains, including influencing, comedy, and even music. Born on May 10, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, Brittany Broski has carved a niche for herself as a versatile entertainer.

Name Brittany Broski
Birthday May 10, 1997
Age 26 years
Birthplace   Dallas, Texas, US
Lives In Dallas, Texas, US
Profession Content Creator, Tik Tok Star
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Hair Color Black
Net Worth USD 1-3 million (approx.)
Nationality American
Religion Not Published 
Years Active Not Published
Award Not Published 
Alma Mater  Not Published 

The Viral Kombucha Sensation

Brittany’s journey to internet stardom began in August 2019 when a video of her tasting kombucha for the very first time went viral on TikTok. This singular moment catapulted her to fame, catching the attention of audiences worldwide. Since then, there has been no looking back.

As of April 2023, Brittany Broski boasts a staggering 7.2 million followers and over 320 million likes on TikTok. Her presence in the digital realm has captured the hearts of many, making her a beloved figure in the world of social media.

The Versatile Creator

Brittany’s influence goes beyond her viral moments. She is a YouTube sensation, where she runs her eponymous channel, “Brittany Broski.” Since her online debut in 2019, she has continued to gain ground on YouTube, with 1.67 million subscribers and a total view count of 137.84 million. Her engaging content covers a wide spectrum of topics that resonate with her dedicated fan base.

Education and Beyond

Beyond the world of content creation, Brittany Broski is also a well-rounded individual. She pursued her education at Texas A&M University, demonstrating that one can successfully balance academics with a thriving online presence. This commitment to personal growth serves as an inspiration to her fans and peers.

Awards and Collaborations

Brittany Broski’s contributions to the digital sphere have earned her a coveted Creator Award from YouTube for reaching milestones like 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers. Furthermore, her talent has brought her into collaboration with renowned influencers like Sarah Schauer, Trixie Mattel, and Katya Zamolodchikova.

As of August 6, 2023, Brittany’s TikTok page boasts an impressive following of 7.3 million with a staggering 327.1 million likes. Her consistently engaging content and charismatic personality continue to draw in fans and admirers, solidifying her place as a leading figure in the realm of social media and entertainment.

Brittany Broski’s journey from a viral kombucha video to becoming a well-rounded social media influencer, comedian, and singer exemplifies the endless possibilities that the digital age offers to those with talent and determination. Her story is one that continues to inspire and captivate, leaving her audience eagerly awaiting what she will share with the world next.