Cameron Dolan Full Biography, Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Career

Cameron Dolan is an Instagram star and also used to be quite active on Vine, who was born on July 29, 1997 in America and raised in New Jersey. She frequently features her brothers in her videos and publish them on Instagram.

Name : Cameron Dolan
Date of Birth : 29 July, 1997
Age : 23 (as 2020)
Nationality : American
Birth Place : New Jersey
Gender : Female
Occupation : Graphic Designer
Famous as : Instagram Star
Began in : April, 2012
Followers : 800,000
Sun Sign : Leo

Family –

Fathers name : Sean Dolan
Mothers name : Lisa Dolan
Siblings : Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan
Uncle : Evan Dolan
Grandparents : John Dolan and Barnadete Dolan.
In January 2019, Cameron lost her father after an over two year battle with cancer.

Education –

Cameron Dolan completed her graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She went to West Morris Central High School in 2015.

Career –

By profession, Cameron Dolan is a graphic designer. She is famous as an influencer on social media. Cameron is an Instagram star. She has 800000 followers on her personal Instagram. She finished with more than 150K followers on the short-form video hosting service when it disabled.
She was just a normal teenager like other when she was first introduced to the world of social media. She opened an Instagram account in April 2012 and started posting pictures of herself . She loves to travel across the world and also loves animals a lot. So she started posting pictures of herself traveling to different locations. Beside, she uploaded funny videos, videos of chilling out with family etc. She received lots of reaction and responses and soon joined Vine as well. NOW, she become an Instagram star! people of different ages follow her on Instagram. She frequently features her brothers on her videos and publish them on Internet. She often tag them in the videos. Her brother is a famous Instagram star.
That is how, she started the journey.
Her deep love for her family and friends is a evident from her social media.
People follow her to be inspired and influenced in their real life and take entertainment also.


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