Cannafacturer Company Wiki/Bio, History, Owner, Services, Ratings

Cannafacturer is a US-based Hemp and Cannabinoid manufacturing facility that is vertically integrated. This means, they are involved in every step of the process, from growing and harvesting the hemp to processing and manufacturing the cannabinoids to packaging and distribution. This allows them to have complete control over quality and consistency and offer a product backed by their commitment to excellence.


Cannafacturer was founded in 2018 by Jackson Jesionowski, who saw the potential of hemp and cannabinoids to change the world. His mission is to provide the masses with high-quality, affordable, and accessible cannabinoids. Cannafacturer is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. They are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and being good stewards of the land.
The Cannafacturer employee is comprised of experts in the fields of agriculture, science, and business. They deeply understand the plant and the process of extracting and manufacturing cannabinoids. This allows them to produce a product of the highest quality and purity. Their marketing experts develop distinctive brand identities across several platforms.
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Cannafacturer is constantly innovating and expanding its product line. They are always looking for ways to improve their products and make them more accessible to those who need them.


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