Cometan the Contemplator

Cometan, honoured in various religions and philosophies as Cometan the Contemplator, is a British Astronic philosopher, surographer, theologian, scholar, and religious leader known for founding the organised philosophy of Astronism from the age of fifteen and for writing the Omnidoxy which became history’s longest religious and philosophical treatise.

Quick Facts
Real Name
Brandon Reece Taylor
Born July 1, 1998
Age 26 years
Birth place Preston, United Kingdom
 Height 5′ 10″
Occupation British Astronic philosopher


Born in the City of Preston in the English county of Lancashire at 5:30pm on 1st July 1998 as Brandon Reece Taylor, he changed his name to the mononym of Cometan when he was about nineteen years old. This occurred after he experienced years worth of revelations and inspirations about the future role of religion and the destiny of humanity to explore outer space. Through these revelations (often referred to as indrucies in Astronism), Cometan became a visionary of a new kind of spirituality; one that prioritised an intellectual and mystical unity with The Cosmos as the embodiment of all astronomical progeny and phenomena.


Cometan is perhaps best well known for founding Astronism, but he has also made major contributions to the field of religious studies, particularly for his specialty in studying astronomical religions and for his historiography of what he called the Astronic tradition of religion. Religions are grouped together into different traditions according to their shared histories, shared beliefs, and their common origins. Cometan found through research that there existed a tradition of religion and philosophy that had been completely overlooked by the academic community and this tradition was the one to which Astronism belonged.

Young figure in modern religion

Cometan dedicated his entire Masters’ Degree dissertation to delineating a clear history for the Astronic tradition so as to legitimise Astronism and to connect his works in Astronism to the astronomical religions of the prehistoric past. As a result of Cometan’s efforts, he successfully delineated the Astronic tradition’s history and showed how the Astronic religions form the oldest religious tradition in human history, even older than the Dharmic, mainly Hindu religion which often proclaims to be the oldest religious tradition. For these contributions of his, Cometan has become a controversial young figure in modern religious scholarship and is set to continue changing the face of modern philosophy and religion.

Cometan’s Birth & Childhood

Early Life

Cometan was born to his mother, Louise J. Counsell and to his father, Sean Frederick Taylor, on 1st July 1998 at the old Sharoe Green Unit of Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire, England. Cometan grew up in and around the city of Preston, in particular the surrounding towns and villages of Bamber Bridge, Hoghton, Leyland, Eccleston and Penwortham. Cometan’s childhood was deeply religious due to the fact that his paternal grandmother, named Irene Mary Taylor, was a devote Roman Catholic, with whom had a strong bond and with whom he spent the majority of his free time during his early years. Cometan’s grandmother introduced him into a world of religious devotion, contemplation, and ritual that he and his fellow cousins were all deeply involved with from a young age.

Cometan’s 15th Birthday

The Founding of Astronism

Despite this influence from his grandmother, Cometan actually didn’t show much interest in religion during his childhood. He never served as an altar boy like his older cousins and he didn’t ever show signs of wanting to become a priest, although that was the vocation that his grandmother intended for him to have. It was only from the age of fifteen that Cometan’s deep contemplation began with the start of The Founding of Astronism and his journey to having a public life.

Masters’ Dissertation and P.h.D

The other aspect of Cometan’s childhood was the life he had with his sister, Lucia Natalie and his mother, Louise J. Counsell following the separation of his mother and father when Cometan was four years of age. Cometan also became very close with his maternal grandparents, Bill and Hilda Warbrick, who cared for Cometan like their own son throughout his childhood, his adolescent years, and even during his early adulthood, supporting his work to do his Masters’ Dissertation and P.h.D. From 2007 onwards, his mother and his father had both re-coupled and began having their own children which signalled a new phase for Cometan’s childhood, one that welcomed six new people into his life, all of whom would have incredible impacts on how he acted as an older brother.

Cometan Stats & Facts

Cometan is 5 foot 10 inches tall and his eye colour is blue. Cometan is known to be around 65 kilos in weight and his shoe size is 9. He has seven siblings ranging from age 9 to 31 whose names are (in chronological order of age)…

Name Born Notes
Lucia Natalie 1989 Sister
Kieran Taylorian 2007 Eldest of the half-brothers
Charlotte Sophia 2007
Kent Taylorian 2008
Zara Taylorian 2008
Jay Taylorian 2009
Edie Taylorian 2011

What Is Astronism?

Astronism is a cosmocentric philosophy or religion that Cometan founded through his authorship of the Omnidoxy and through his related efforts of religious scholarship, advocacy, and his public life as the figurehead of the religion to disseminate its beliefs and ideas globally. Astronism is a religion that is a product of its time. In early 21st century England, religiosity was rapidly decreasing while rates of atheism and non-theism were on the rise. Founding Astronism during this time meant that Cometan had to consider the direction in which public opinion was swaying. Cometan knew that even those who had renounced all religion continued to crave some source of existential purpose and meaning to their lives.

And so, Astronism became a naturalistic system described as a balanced combination of both religion and philosophy. Fundamentally, Astronism emphasised a person’s spiritual relationship with the stars and called for a revival of the prehistoric astronomical religions that is claims to be descended from. It is for this lack of emphasis on the existence of God that Astronism is seeing rapid growth amongst the atheist and agnostic communities of the world.

Did you know…

  • He gained fame for his sole authorship of the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism known as The Omnidoxy and for his creation of the fictional mystery detective, Jesse Millette, as part of the Spacefaring World franchise.
  • His work gained huge success.
  • He became known around the world after publishing several books.
  • He has been featured in more than 100 online platforms.
  • He has huge fan following in social media.


Year Event
1998 He was born on July 1, 1998  in Preston, United Kingdom
2017 Published his first book titled “Jesse Millette and The Phantom’s Curse.”
2018 Became known for his work.
2018 He was in a relationship with Cosma.
2019 He has been featured in magazines from worldwide.
2020 Published book titled Cometanic Ancestry.



More Facts & Info / Cometan Profile


Real Full Birth Name:     Brandon Reece Taylor
Other names:                 Brandon Taylorian, Kometan Mononym Cometan
Profession:                     Philosopher
Birthplace/Hometown:  Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Nationality:                    British.
Gender:                          Male.

Zodiac Sign:                  Cancer.
Religion:                        Astronism.
Residence:                     Preston (Lancashire, England).


Physical Statistics

Height (Tall)

Feet & Inches:             5’10”
Centimeters:               178 cm.
Meters:                       1.78 m.
Weight Kilograms:      64 Kg.
Pounds:                      141 lbs.
Biceps:                       12 inches.

Body Measurements:

Chest- waist-hips:      41-30-34.
Shoe Size (US):          9.
Tattoo:                       None.
Eye Color:                  Blue.
Hair Color:                Brown.
Father:                     Sean Taylor (b. 1970)
Mother:                    Louise Counsell (b. 1970)

Brothers:                 Kieran Taylorian, Kent Taylorian, Jay Taylorian.
Sisters:                   Lucia Richardson, Charlotte Counsell, Zara Taylorian, Edie Taylorian.

Grandfather:          William “Bill” Warbrick
Grandmother:        Hilda Warbrick.
Grandfather:          Derek Taylor.
Grandmother:        Irene Taylor.

Personal Life Relationship

Marital Status:      Not yet married.

Dating History?    He was in a relationship with Liana Tiratsuyan, an
Armenian university graduate, for 1 year and a half.

Girlfriend:            Cosma (Feb 2018 – Sept 2019)


  • Highest Qualification Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire.
    College Cardinal Newman College.
  • Secondary School Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School
    Primary School St Mary’s and St Benedict’s Roman Catholic Primary

Alma Mater

  1. University of Central Lancashire.
  2.  Cardinal Newman College.

Favorite Celebrities

Philosopher:       Confucius and Buddha.
Composer:          Komitas and Claude Debussy.
Author:               Mildred Benson.
Singer:               Elvis Presley.
Favorite video game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Holiday Destination: The Bahamas.
Favorite Color:   Gold.
Love to do:         Philosophising, Writing, Moviegoing, Reading, and Hiking.

Food:                 Habits Italian and Armenian Food.
Email Address:
Official Website: