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Cyril Drevet is a journalist and television presenter who worked for Télévisator 2 on Antenne 2 and Turbo on M6. He is the son of Patrice Drevet, host and weather presenter on France 2.

Quick Facts
Cyril Drevet
Born January 22 , 1970
Age 53 years
Birth place Paris, France 
Occupation Journalist
Other work Presenter

Early life

Cyril Drevet was born in January January 22 , 1970 in Paris, France . His father name is Patrice Drevet.


A video game fan, Drevet first hosted a weekly video games rendezvous in the show Morning Happiness , a journalist at Joystick Hebdo then Amstrad Cent Pour Cent , before being approached by Pierre Valls , editor-in-chief of Amstrad magazine 100% , to participate in a new magazine: Player One 1 . He then borrows the nickname “Shrimp”.

From March 1993, he hosted his own video game show on Antenne 2 , for a year and a half: Télévisator 2. Subsequently, he joined Jean-Philippe Astoux in the Club Dorothée on TF1 , until 1996.

He then presented a video game and manga chronicle in the program Récré kids on the TMC Monte Carlo channel until 2001. Soon after, Player One magazine ceased to be published following the bankruptcy of the publisher.

In 2001, Drevet joined Turbo on M6 , first as a voice-over, then as a journalist; position he still holds today.

In parallel, since February 2010, Drevet animates two sections in the magazine devoted to robotics, Planète Robots . It tests the latest novelties of video games on the theme of robots. The second section is about the contribution of robotics in the automobile.

From December 2009 to May 2011, he also co-presents a Gameblog  column called Versus broadcast  with Alain Huyghues-Lacour (aka AHL) , then starts in June 2011, still on Gameblog, a punctual show called Backstage 6 , revealing behind the scenes of the world of video games.