Emery Larson (The Canadian Khaleesi) Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Emery Pan best known as TheCanadianKhaleesi by online name, is an American Instagram star and livestreamer who posts photos on the platform and has gained over 105k fans under her username @TheCanadianKhaleesi on Instagram and on Twitch.

Quick Facts
July 24, 1995
Age 28 years
Birth place Ontario, Canada
Nationality American
Occupation Military/Instagram/Investment
Net Worth Approximated at 1.5 million

Early Life

Emery Larson (The Canadian Khaleesi) was born in 1995 in Ontario Canada, she has one brother and immigrated to America in her late teenage or young adult years.

Personal Life

Emery Larson (The Canadian Khaleesi) was married in 2015 but is currently divorced. No information is known about possible relationships.


Emery Larson (The Canadian Khaleesi) is well known for being a paratrooper in the American Army. She also Livestreams video games on the platform twitch. Her main career is focused on real estate investing and travel.