Friday Santana Wiki/Bio, Age, Songs, Height, Family, Education, Net Worth

Habib Hayden Haddad, is an Australian singer/songwriter who goes by the name of “Friday Santana.”

Quick Facts
Age 15 years in 2019
Birth place Australia
Occupation Musical artist
Real name Habib Hayden Haddad
Known as Friday Santana


As a new installment into their catalog of rising artists, they cast gaze upon 15 year old “Friday Santana” who offers his R&B styled music and dark persona. Friday Santana accompanies his listeners through music about previous encounters in toxic relationships and experiences of love, drugs and heartbreak which has all lead the artist to a successful: future. Friday Santana is known for impressing fans with the consciousness and clarity of his unique and perfected sound that sets immediately portrays him as more than just an artist.


Throughout Friday Santana’s music, the rising vocalist fabricates a distinct sound that permits the listeners to feel as they’re in the moment with the artist; furthermore, this grants the listener the ability to grasp the conception of the thoughts and ideas behind the sonics. His intense lyrical content constantly complements the increasingly gloomy vibes throughout the entirety of the tracks he releases, as while the picture being painted in within the psyche of the listener is becoming clearer and easier to understand. With that being said, even if you are a first time listener of the young creatives work, you will easily be able to connect and relate.