Ga$ton Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Music, Album

Real name: Gaston Jones
Artist name: Ga$ton
Born: November 4th 1999

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Occupation: Recording Artist, Producer, Engineer, Ceo Of Young Kingz Empire


Early life

He spent his first few years under his father’s wing going to studio sessions & performances. Not even knowing the knowledge he was soaking up. One day according to his father, he came home one day & caught him rapping gibberish to an instrumental CD I found in the living room at age 4.



He Started going to the studio with him recording my own songs & that year he made his first complete songs ‘Nonstop’ & ‘The Christmas Song’ written by my father.


He performed ‘Nonstop’ everywhere a 6 yr old could. My school talent show, neighborhood rec center events A showcase in the historic Mondawmin Mall & even in the 2006 AFRAM festival at Camden Yards


He had his second song ‘Life Is’ also written by his father recorded & perform it along with ‘Nonstop’ at school & started generating a buzz the 2007 AFRAM festival at Camden Yards as well


He picked up the music ball himself writing & spending most of his time writing songs & figuring out song structure


He started working his way into production & engineering, learning ins & outs of the studio

In 2012

He began recording his first ever mixtape, balancing that & school & trying to find a way to be his own boss


He released first mixtape Stop Sleepin in the form of actual cds Selling them for $5 at the barbershop & metro stations around the city

In 2014

He moved to Atlanta, dealing with the social & educational changes he started experimenting with pills


He got arrested in & expelled from school for possession of a switchblade in school after a student told out of fear I’m guessing

Aside from the negative, he finished buying equipment for his own home studio


He spent most of the year trying to get back into public school & figuring four his equipment & recording process he also Released 5 projects on SoundCloud projects that have since been deleted but are somehow scattered across the internet today


He signed an artist development & distribution agreement with 5995 records & released “Hard Work Beats Talent” which ended up being pulled from platforms as well


He graduated May 25th & went back to the drawing board to release my first self-titled EP


Also finally obtaining his LLC for my Label Young Kingz Empire (YKE)


He dropped what could debatably be my biggest single to date “High & Antisocial”

Which is the last song he physically wrote a song



He dropped the “UP” EP February 8th


He went almost silent after that dealing with life, using his experiences, pressures, and emotions in shaping “Only Real A** N***as Gon Eat” what would be known later as ORANGE.


He then released ORANGE November 8th



He became 100% independent again & dropped a song titled John Cena on New Year’s Day

Following up with “F*ck love” produced by myself on Valentine’s Day

With the world on lockdown from a epidemic I released “The $timulus Pack” May

Then the club banger 100s & 50s July 3rd


Took a breath to let fans soak in the new music & for himself to create a new sound in that time period having met ski mask the slump god who also follows him on Instagram now


October 12th I dropped one of his favorite Projects “OnlyGrams”


He followed that up with a remix of Trippie Redd’s “Weeee” which ended up getting seen & reposted by him as well




He released the sequel in my self titled series

& Gained a total of 11k streams in the first day


He also released a single called “Takin’ Off” accompanied with a video


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