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Course Overview

Welcome to the FREE course—Growing Intuitive Eaters 101! This course is designed to equip parents or guardians with the essential foundation for nurturing their children’s innate ability to eat intuitively while instilling a balanced structure for dietary variety. Authored by Dr. Taylor, a pediatric registered dietitian and nutrition PhD, this course is a comprehensive guide that addresses fostering healthy relationships with food, breaking away from mealtime power struggles, and developing an awareness of hunger and fullness cues in children.

What to Expect

In this course, Dr. Taylor combines scientific insights, clinical expertise, and practical parental wisdom in a series of informative videos available on YouTube. Each video comes complete with detailed key points, suggested activities, downloadable resources, and references for further reading. Notably, this course is entirely FREE—no upselling, no hidden premium content, and no intrusive marketing emails. The aim is to make vital information easily accessible to every parent or guardian.

Course Highlights

The course content covers a range of crucial topics:

– Introduction to Intuitive Eating for Families
– Responsive Feeding and the Division of Responsibility
– Parental Mindset and Coping with Challenges
– Setting Expectations and Boundaries
– Flexible Eating Schedules and Handling Grazing
– Changing Conversations about Food and Bodies
– The Science Behind Family Meals
– Ditching the Sweets Obsession for Kids

Connect with Dr. Taylor

Connect with Dr. Taylor on Instagram at [@growing.intuitive.eaters]( for further insights and guidance on raising intuitive eaters. Join the course on YouTube to access summaries, resources, and vital information discussed in each video.

Empower Your Journey with Growing Intuitive Eaters!

This course is designed to empower parents in fostering a positive and healthy relationship between their children and food, integrating evidence-based insights and practical strategies for a well-rounded approach to nutrition and well-being.