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GucckiiDaGreat an emerging fashion icon who is also famous as a gentlewoman of countless flairs and styles. She is establishing herself as a symbolic fashion designer. Some people know her as an activist in fashion designing while some call her a wardrobe stylist. However, she is a great woman of many talents. She just wants to express that it is better to be yourself despite what this society wants you to become. In this article, we are going to explore the early life, education, personal life, struggles, and career of GucckiiDaGreat.

Quick Facts
September 4, 1993
Zodiac sign Virgo
Age 31 years
Birth place Brooklyn, New York City.
Occupation Entrepreneur, Influencer, Fashion designer

Early life

GucckiiDaGreat was born on September 4, 1993, in Brooklyn, New York City. She was raised by a single parent (her mom) and by her grandma Gucckii. From an early age, she always loved to be stylish and liked to wear chic outfits.

Best Dress Certificates

GucckiDaGreat had won the best dress certificates throughout her school years. Moreover, she was also fond of playing basketball. And she kept playing basketball from the age of 8 until 20.


GucckiiDaGreat is single and she has no kids. In 2013, she came back to her hometown to live with her mother until she decided what should he do next for her. From the year 2013 to 2016 she had done a large number of jobs in construction and security a few of the book jobs.


At the end of the year 2016, it was the month of September when GucckiDaGreat launched her own clothing business named Living Life Apparel LLC and a non-profit organization Self Paid Bosses Entertainment Inc.


GucckiDaGreat was a good student but she was more involved in extracurricular activities and games like basketball. Clothes designing is just one of the numerous talents she was blessed with her with. As a child, she also used to practice choreography and dance in her Elementary School.


From her middle school and college her fellows always called her for fashion advice. In 2011,
GucckiiDaGreat went to play basketball for North Country Community College in Saranac Lake, New York. When in college she was also presented in a movie they were making for black history month. Although she was busy with school and college, she didn’t forget her passion for fashion designing. She used to put be bleach patches and paint on her outfits.



Since her childhood, GucckiDaGreat had an entrepreneurial and business mindset. Moreover, she was also passionate about fashion, dance, and basketball. Her business mind made her sell snacks at school when she was just 9 years old. She created this small business from the money she received on her birthday and started making money by selling snacks. When she was in 6th grade at school, GucckiiDaGreat started making CDs and also sold bootleg DVDs in 7th grade.

Fashion designing

GucckiiDaGreat is pursuing her career in fashion designing and in no time, she will be
recognized as an eminent fashion figure. She is skilled in designing spectacular outfits and
setting new trends. On the other hand, GucckiiDaGreat saves 15% of her sales profit each month to fund her non-profit organization for kids and to promote events for kids. She has also funded anti-bullying events, youth basketball competitions, peace rallies, and more. Her team also started a food drive and clothing for the homeless and the needy when the pandemic reached New York and New Jersey.


GucckiiDaGreat has been featured in fox, NBC, and CBS sub-news articles. And she has also appeared on a few podcasts in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sweat suits designed by GucckiiDaGreat has been seen on rappers Justo Dyygz, Phresher, Korleone (Young Ma upcoming artist) and actor Dennis LA White.

At the start of 2020, her designer clothes were also displayed in a store in Harlem. And in 2021 her designs were put in a store in Livingston Mall.


GucckiiDaGreat is becoming famous and she is considered a future fashion designer symbol. Currently, GucckiiDaGreat is busy working on her upcoming fashion collection for her clothing business. And she is also preparing for her next amazing youth event.

Did you know…

  • She is skilled in designing spectacular outfits and
    setting new trends.
  • She is establishing herself as a symbolic fashion designer.
  • GucckiiDaGreat has been featured in fox, NBC, and CBS sub-news articles.
  • Dresses designed by GucckiiDaGreat have been seen on the rappers Justo Dyygz and Phresher.