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Habib Wahid (also known to audiences as Habib) is a Bangladeshi popular composer, musician and music director. He is best known for his combination of techno and urban beats with the fusion of Bengali folklore. By making remixes of lesser known folk songs better, he is making them popular for the general audience. He is basically has popularized the music artists’ songs with some modification. Because of this, he has been widely criticized by many, just as he is known for being a very popular music artist to the younger generation. Habib Wahid has sung many popular songs with various artists. Most of the songs were gifted with popular vocalist Nancy. Habib Wahid has recently sung in the Indian Bengali movie Bindas, starring superstar Dev. His co-star was Tulsi Kumar.

Quick Facts
Habib Wahid
Born October 15, 1979
Age 45 years
Birth place Dhaka, Bangladesh
Awards National Film Award
Occupation Bangladeshi composer

Early life

Habib Wahid was born in October 15, 1979 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Habib’s father Ferdous Waheed was a pioneer in modern Bengali pop music. In the 1970s , Ferdous Waheed took Bengali pop music to a respectable position. Habib learned to tune in from his father’s keyboard at an early age. Later he studied in sound engineering in the School of Audio Engineering, ( London ) . During this time he had the opportunity to work with Nitin in the Asian Underground.

Personal life

Habib Wahid married Rehan, a graduate student at a private university .  Habib’s first child Alim Wahid was born on December 24, 2012.  He is currently single after divorcing Rehan on January 7, 2017. Recently she has been involved with Tanjin Tisha , another young actress on the small screen.

The advent of the world of music

Krishna, the remix album from Habib’s first folk song. It was published in London while a student. It was reported that the album’s concept and tune was made long ago and was just waiting for a singer. London is a Sylheti restaurant owner, Kaya was a young singer, whose kanthai Habib as needed. Their combined songs gained huge popularity in London. This album gained immense popularity when it was first released in Bangladesh under the title Krishna . It was a blend of old-fashioned folk music and western electronica , which was first practiced in Bangladesh.

Albums released

Habib has since released two more albums – Maya and Maina Go. Both were number one on the sales list. Habib brings a new voice to these albums. Along with Kaya, he brought Helal, who had many feelings in his voice. Julie , Konika , Nirjhar, etc. worked with Habib on the new face Moina Go album. Habib made his debut as a singer through the album Goa Goa. Habib’s father Ferdous Waheed and Milon Mahmud have sung on the Maina Go album. Hip Hop songs , rap, And so on. Habib has established himself as one of the most popular young music directors . She also produces some of her own solo albums.

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