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Julias Say, best known as the profession name J. Say is an American musician who mainly  focuses on issues that are tough to discuss – like trust, loneliness and fear. Yet, when this talented up-and- comer’s lyrics meet his melodies, all heads start nodding along to the beat as if in unified agreement to whatever the message may be.

Quick Facts
Julias Say
Born November 6, 2001
Age 22 years
Birth place Austin,Texas
Residence California
Occupation Musical artist

Early life

J. Say was born on November 6, 2001 in Austin,Texas but soon after moved to California. It was just him and his mom for a year struggling to make ends meet until they met his step dad who eventually took them in and raised him as his own. Growing up he lived a very diverse life.


J. Say spent a couple years in California moving around the central valley until they finally settled down in the city of Stockton. At that point his mom and dad had two kids, one girl and one boy. Life there was very comfortable for them up until the age of fourteen. His mom got laid off from work forcing them to move in with his grandparents who lived in a small town known as Iva, South Carolina.

First job

The move to South Carolina showed him a whole different way of living and helped him mature into who he is today. He would learn how to drive, work his first job at Papa Johns, and teach himself discipline through diet, spending, and working out.


After High School ended he had no plan set in mind. He decided to go to community college where he would meet some of the most talented and driven people in his circle today. Knowing he wanted to make music a career one day he made the decision to quit schooling after a year and pursue music head on while working a full time job.


When J. Say first started creating music he didn’t know many other artists around. His city is pretty small and the areas around don’t really focus on music so he figured there wasn’t much around until he went to college.

Love for music

The people he met there introduced him to a circle of people who created music as well. After taking the time to get to know everyone he found that they all shared the same love for music as him and they’d soon become great friends.

The passion

He would start to engineer other artists and meet one after another. The passion and talent they all shared pushed them to work harder and want to shine light towards them. They truly think South Carolina is home to some of the most talented and creative artists to be up and coming now.

The growth

The growth he seen between everyone around is amazing and there is so much diversity. It artists who have a true passion and love for creating that make him proud to say they’re from his area. He is hoping to change things up and shed light onto the music scene over here because he don’t want their music to not be heard.

Did you know…

  • He has earned a loyal following among young hip-hip and pop enthusiasts who made his first few singles into hits.