Jake L Kelly Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Journey, Success, Net Worth

Jacob L. Kelly, best known as Jake L Kelly is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who was born into a typical lower class family in a small town in Texas close to the coastal city of Galveston.

Quick Facts
Age 51 years
Birth place Texas City, Texas, USA
Industry Manufacturing in Steel, Mining & Law
Occupation Philanthropist, Entrepreneur
Net Worth Approximately $392 million


Jake L Kelly was born in 1969 in Texas City, Texas, USA. His family moved to the city of Houston.


Jake L Kelly has graduated in high school with honors in Houston and attended Texas A&M University where he received his B.S. in Civil Engineering before attending Law School and earning his J.D. (Juris Doctorate).



Jake L Kelly worked for several large law firms in Colorado and Texas gaining experience and rising through the corporate ranks.


Eventually Jake L Kelly became an investor, and he has invested the money he had saved over the years. The investment was made into Anglo American Corporation (ACC) a mining company with operations in gold, coal, and expanded to oil and steel.


Jake L Kelly later received shares in ExxonMobil copper operations and became partners in mining operations in Brazil with the Amapa iron ore projects.


Jake L Kelly spends much of his time dedicated to his philanthropic goals to give back
much of the wealth he has acquired.


Kelly would like his most notable legacy alongside his massive generosity, donating millions of his personal wealth to charities and hospitals, is that he loved being a husband and father.

Did you know…

  • He invested into into Anglo American Corporation (ACC).
  • He became partners in mining operations in Brazil.
  • Jake L Kelly has a higher educational degree with B.S. in Civil Engineering and J.D. (Juris Doctorate).
  • He has donated $200 million to local charities in 2020.