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JinnKid is a Palestinian-American singer, song-writer, and comedian from Northern Virginia. He began writing music at the age of 14 and later went on to enter his first music studio. It was there where he recorded and released his first two singles titled “Can’t Take You Back” and “The Memo.” Since then, Laban had progressively released numerous Pop, R&B, and Rap records while also performing live at local venues.

Quick Facts
Known as
Born May 18, 1992
Age 28 years
Birth place Staten Island, NY, USA
Nationality Palestinian-American
Occupation Musician, Comedian

Early life

JinnKid was born in May 18, 1992 in Staten Island, NY, USA. His birth name is Ali Abulaban. On November 19, 2018, Laban adopted the name “JinnKid” (which refers to the Islamic ideology of Djinn, an unseen race of spiritual beings that is said to live among us, whom some believe may have played a key role in the influence and development of mankind), which he believes properly reflects his same desire to both inspire and influence the world through film, music, and a multitude of other arts. With this new alias, Jinnkid quickly began to showcase his many talents across different platforms.

Personal life

  • JinnKid is married.
  • JinnKid has one child.
  • JinnKid has three sisters and one brother.
  • JinnKid is left-handed


After releasing his debut album (Behold, the Jinn Kid!), he then shifted his focus from music to creating comedy skits, as he believed it would help him gain exposure faster. In one of his earlier videos, JinnKid imitated the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s voice and posted it online for a quick laugh. Unexpectedly, the video had spread like wildfire across multiple platforms due to the impression’s accuracy. Since then, he primarily focuses on making comedy skits, and doing celebrity voice impressions on Instagram, YouTube and more.

JinnKid has collaborated with a wide range of popular content creators such as Anwar Jibawi, Kush Papi, and HeSoSouthEast. His comedy skits and celebrity impersonations have landed him features on WorldStarHipHop, FunnyHoodVidz, and was even showcased in a segment by the Popular YouTube host Michael McCrudden (Before They Were Famous).

Before Fame:

JinnKid worked as a Network Engineer for the Department of Defense, and attended college in Northern Virginia Community College, but never completed his degree.


  • Celebrated with SNL Actor, Comedian Jay Pharaoh to a successful comedy tour.
  • Collaborated with Anwar Jibawi in a comedy skit “Meet her brother” with ESPN host Janelle Marie
  • JinnKid auditioned for the role of Aladdin in Disney’s recent live-action film.
  • JinnKid created a parody Lil Wayne song that gained celebrity attention such as Comedy star DeRay Davis.
  • Went viral for his spot-on Tekashi 6ix9ine voice impression.
  • Went viral on WorldStarHipHop for his Manny Pacquiao impression
  • Went Viral on TikTok for his Tekashi 6ix9ine impression
  • Went Viral on Twitter for featuring in a video with Super Bitch (HeSoSouthEast)
  • Featured in a segment of “Before they were famous” by YouTube show host Michael McCrudden.
  • Has a 10-track album on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify titled, “Behold, the Jinn Kid!”

Associated with:

  • Jay Pharaoh (Actor/Comedian – SNL)
  • Anwar Jibawi (YouTuber – Netflix)
  • Mo Amer (Comedian – Netflix Special)
  • Michael McCrudden – (YouTuber)