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Josh MacDonald is a Canadian entrepreneur and author of the published book, The Non-Technical Founder. To date, he has founded two acquired companies, SerpClix and Abella Eyewear.

Quick Facts
Joshua Daniel MacDonald
Born June 14, 1995
Age 29 years
Birth place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education University of Toronto (2013-2018)
Occupation Entrepreneur, author

Early life

He grew up in Turkey Point, Ontario, a small boating town in Canada and took an early interest in business and outsourcing. Even before his teenage years, his parents recall him trying to take on chores and jobs then subcontracting the work out to his sister.



Josh’s professional success started in high school, with a venture called Keyword Scout. Keyword Scout was a keyword research tool used by thousands of marketing agencies. By the age of 16, the company was earning him 5 figures a month. Shortly later, he was banned from PayPal as he was under the required age of 18 which cancelled all of his recurring customers.


After high school, Josh started at Queen’s University studying computer science and transferred to the University of Toronto after his freshman year. While studying in Toronto, he founded SerpClix, a marketing SAAS. SerpClix quickly reached 5 figures in monthly recurring revenue. In December of 2017, he sold the company to a private equity firm in California.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Abella Eyewear

After graduating in 2018, he founded the ecommerce apparel brand, Abella Eyewear, as one of four co-founders. The company quickly reached $25,000 in daily sales before the company was acquired.


Although his track record is excellent, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the Canadian. Several of his ideas and projects don’t leave MVP stages, but his adaptability and nimbleness allows him to quickly move from failure to success without hesitation.

Recent years

As of recent years, Josh is enjoying a break from the entrepreneurial grind and is now a consultant for numerous venture-backed companies. He is also a team member at Func Media, one of Toronto’s premier creative agencies.


In addition to being an author and a serial entrepreneur, Josh is also a Canadian private pilot. If he’s not flying or boating, you may find him tweeting advice and thoughts to his loyal Twitter audience.

  • The Non-Technical Founder: How a 16-Year Old Built a Six Figure Software Company Without Writing Any Code.
  • 25 Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Learn by Example.

Did you know…

  • He is also a team member at Func Media, one of Toronto’s premier creative agencies.
  •  In 2018, he founded the ecommerce apparel brand, Abella Eyewear.