Kawsar Ahamed Bio, Age, Facts, Family, Photos and Carrier

Kawsar Ahamed is a Bangladeshi Film Critic , Film Reviewer , Blogger & Entrepreneur. He is the founder of FilmyBD film community in Bangladesh. He is mainly known as a Film Critic , Reviewer & Film Explainer in Bangladeshi Film Community. He explained several foreign films & wrote 1500+ worldwide film’s reviews, till now that are highest in Bangladesh. He is the owner & founder of MLWBD Film Review Community.

Kawsar Ahamed
Born 31 July 1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation Film critic, Film reviewer, author
Language Bengali and English
Education Dhaka University
Nationality Bangladeshi
Home town Dhaka, Bangladesh
Subject Film
Notable works
  • Interstellar
  • Inception
  • Matrix film Trilogy
  • No Smoking
  • Lucy
  • Lucia
  • 1408
Height 0.14m
Years active 2011-present
Married  No

Other occupation Blogger , Developer

Early life

Kawsar Ahamed was born in a Muslim family on 31 July 1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh .

Kawsar Ahamed Personal life

Kawsar Ahamed isn’t married yet. He is graduated from  DU.

Kawsar Ahamed Carrier

He started his online carrier in 2011. After that he became a film critic and reviewed many films. He is also an entrepreneur, web developer and strategist. Kawsar is the only person from Bangladesh who has explained 100+ complicated movies & reviewed 1500+ films till now.  And now, he is the only notable film critic from Bangladesh who has criticized films & reviewed films globally.


***Facts About Kawsar Ahamed***

  • Does Kawsar Ahamed smoke?: No
  • Does Kawsar Ahamed drink alcohol?: No
  • Kawsar Ahamed was born  and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Height?:                       5 feet 8 inch
  • Weight?:                      57 Kg
  • Hair Color?:               Black
  • Eye Color?:                 Dark
  • Hobbies?:                   Watching Films, traveling, hangout with friends.
  • Favorite food?:         Biriyani, Junk foods etc.
  • Favorite color?:       Blue, black, white and green.


Did you know…

  1. Kawsar  got huge fan-base after explaining Matrix Trilogy , Lucy , Interstellar , No Smoking , Inception etc.
  2. He was started watching films in his early age and became film addicted.
  3. He is also known as Girgit.



Year Event
1999 He was born on 31 July 1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh 
2011 He started working on internet marketing.
2012 Became a developer.
2017 He founded MLWBD film community.
2018 Founded FILMYBD & Became a notable film critic.


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