lilJJ2027 Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Albums, Songs, Popularity & More

lilJJ2027 is an American rapper, and Producer from Denver Colorado who was born in Los Angeles California USA. He is most popular for his EP ( The resurrection) released on December 2021.

Quick Facts

Name lilJJ2027
Born April 23 , 2006
Age 16 Years
Birthplace Los Angeles California, USA
Birth name Adrian Mis-Rodriguez
Occupation Rapper, Music producer
Height  5′ 3″
Weight  170 Pounds
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Education  Thornton High School , Academy High School, MESA, Global Leadership Academy
Musical career
Genres Hip-Hop/Rap
Years active 2021 – present
Labels 2027 Records
EP’s The resurrection, Experimental Love ?

Early life

lilJJ2027 was born in Los Angeles California on April 23rd 2006 his parents moved to Denver Colorado on October 2007.

Childhood photo of lilJJ2027


lilJJ2027 attended several High Schools Including Thornton High School, Academy High School, MESA, and Global Leadership Academy

 Personal life

lilJJ2027 is Currently Single. and has dated several Girls during his life.


  • lilJJ2027 Dropped his debut EP (the Resurrection) on December 10th, 2021
  • The resurrection includes three tracks titled With My Glock, Sprite, and Flow.
  • lilJJ2027 wrote, recorded, and mixed all three songs the same day they got released.
  • On November 13th 2022  JJ found a Music manager. (Savannah Dillon)
  • JJ also Released an EP called Experimental Love ? in 2023


During the beginning of 2022 JJ’s Ex got mad at him for Making music and Supposedly writing about her. JJ’s ex wanted to take legal action and she threatened him with a lawsuit. Which would’ve included harassment, defamation of character and Stalking Charges. This Caused a Major Depression for lilJJ2027. JJ popped pills, Overdosed, and didn’t go to school, all of this was the result of a failed Relationship. JJ said the girl was Crazy, Creepy, Manipulative and Toxic.

Did You Know…

  • He almost got sued for defamation of Character

  • He is the Owner of Record Label 2027 Records

  • JJ had to Move Schools 4 times, Because of a problem he was having with his Ex Girlfriend.

  • JJ Loves White girls

  • JJ’s Favorite Rapper is Night Lovell

  • lilJJ2027 Used to play Competitive fortnite. He played in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers

Facts About lilJJ2027

  • Does he smoke?: yes

  • Does he drink alcohol?: No

  • lilJJ2027 was born in Los Angeles California  and raised in Denver Colorado, United States.

  • Height?:                       5 feet 3 inches

  • Weight?:                      170 pounds

  • Hair Color?:               Black/Brown

  • Eye Color?:                 Brown

  • Hobbies?:                 Rapping ,reading, Writing, Playing Video Games

  • Favorite color?:       Blue, Green