Mabrur Rashid Bannah Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Maburur Rashid Bannah is a Bangladeshi drama director who has been involved in this profession for 10 years. He is best known as the director of romantic drama.

Quick Facts
Maburur Rashid Bannah
Born 23 October, 1988
Age 35 years
Birth place Dhaka, Bangladesh
Wife Sania Afrin
Occupation Director

Early life

Mabur Rashid Bannaah was born in 23 October, 1988 in Dhaka. He is the eldest of three children. He studied at the University of Development Alternatives.

Personal life

Mabur Rashid Bannaah is married in 2015. His wife’s name is Sania Afrin.


Mabur Rashid Bannaah got a camera as a gift from his uncle when he was in seventh grade. With that camera, he used to take various types of pictures and became fully adept at it. He once got a job in the Ittefaq newspaper, taking the pleasure of taking pictures like this. He then worked with Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi as Assistant Director in 2008.

He made his first solo drama on December 25. The first drama he made was called Flashback. His father was the producer of this drama. Which has gained considerable popularity. Since then he has made and continues to make many popular plays one after the other.