Michaela Hallmark Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Michaela Hallmark is a rising internet celebrity who is best known for her daily motivational and encouraging TikTok videos. She also has some YouTube videos that have went viral on her YouTube channel titled “Michaela Hallmark”.
Quick Facts
Michaela Hallmark
Born July 7th 1994
Age 29 years
Birth place Russellville, AL,  USA
Husband Colton Hallmark
Occupation TikTok Star

Early life

Michaela was born in Russellville Alabama on July 7th 1994. Her mother was Donna vice, who was a great women and supported Michaela’s early life.


Michaela was raised in Hamilton,AL and graduated Hamilton High School in 2012. She attended Bevill State Community College where she got her CNA, and Phlebotomy license. Michaela has a heart for people and worked in the medical field ever since she got out of college. Now she purses her social platforms. YouTube and TikTok.

Personal life

Michaela is married to Colton Hallmark. The couple got married on February 18, 2017.


Although Michaela is now a social media influencer she still works part time in the medical field. When we ask Michaela what her goal is here on TikToK she replies “I really am not looking at the numbers.. all I want to do is encourage and spread the love of Jesus across this platform.” Michaela is doing just that! She has over 30,000 followers as of right now on TikToK and over 341,000 likes and it’s still going up! Michaela also does YouTube where she actually is in the partner program and gets paid for making her videos. This girl has a bright future in the media industry!

Did you know…

  • Michaela Hallmark and Colton Hallmark fall in love in 2017.
  • Her TikTok went viral which earned over 350k total likes and made her famous.
  • Her video titled “Do you believe in Jesus” went worldwide viral and earned over 17l likes with million views.
  • Her one video titlted “Jesus died on the cross for YOU” earned huge response from Europe, Asia, And America. The video crossed over 130k likes and with million of views. The video went trending at that time.
  • “God is saying to you today” and “Somebody needs to hear this” video went super hit across the platform.