Miguel Caban Bio, Age, Family, Facts, TikTok, Career

Miguel Caban is a TikTok star who is better known for his comedy skits and “Mexican Word of The Day” TikTok content. He also makes videos of several different platforms. Miguel has a happy creative and funny personality.

Quick Facts
July 20, 1987
Age 36 years
Birth place Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Full name Miguel Angel Caban Vazquez
Notable work TikTok videos
Occupation Social star

Early life

Miguel Caban was born in July 20, 1987 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Miguel’ s full name is Miguel Angel Caban Vazquez. He has two brothers. One who is a Youtube star Singer named Omar Caban and the other named Manuel Caban a gaming streamer. They are both musicians.


Miguel Caban graduated Colegio Universitario de Justicia Criminal in Gurabo, Puerto Rico majoring in Police Science.

Career journey

Motor Vehicle Operator

Miguel Caban in Military uniform

Miguel served in the United States Marine Corps as a Motor Vehicle Operator from 2008 until 2013. Later he chose to keep on serving his nation by joining the United States Army Reserves.

Miguel likewise served the delightful island of Puerto Rico as a Domestic Violence Agent in the PR Police Dept.

Social media

Miguel now centers around his full-time work as a Job Coach and furthermore on making new tiktok and youtube content day by day.

Did you know…

  • Miguel’s TikTok profile has gained over 180k followers with over 2.5 million total likes.
  • His TikTok’s one video has earned over 1.7 million views.
  • His one of video titled “Let me tell you!” gained over 1.3 million views.
  • His video titled “Hey Roberto!” has earned over half million views on the TikTok platform.