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A musician (from the Greek : μουσική [τέχνη]; from the Latin : mūsicus) 1 is a person who plays a musical instrument . Anyone who composes, conducts, or performs music is called a musician. 2 A musician who plays a musical instrument is also known as a performer or instrumentalist .

Music Artists can specialize in any style of music, and some play a variety of different styles depending on their culture and background. Some examples of the multiple activities that a musician can develop include acting , conducting , singing , musical improvisation , composition , arranging , orchestration , and music production . 3

Trained musicians

They are those musicians who have formal music studies, in music conservatories, music study centers, universities, institutes or academies, in order to perform as:

  • Orchestra director
  • Composer
  • Instrumentalists (pianists, violinists, flutists, cellists, double bassists, percussionists,
  • classical guitarists, etc.)
  • music graduates
  • music teachers
  • Music critic (not understanding entertainment and entertainment journalists)
  • Musicologist
  • ethnomusicologist

Empirical musicians

They are those musicians who, not having formal music studies, interpret and compose in a self-taught way . They are sometimes called amateur musicians, although they should not be confused with those musicians who, although they have training, perform their music on an honorary or amateur basis , that is, without receiving any financial benefit in return. Many of the empirical musicians play an instrument as a means of subsistence .

Musician’s Day

For Catholics, Santa Cecilia is the patron saint of music, according to a bull of Pope Gregory XIII from 1594. The patronal festival is celebrated on November 22 , the date of the death of the martyr, which became the date of celebration of the Day of the Musician .