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Nuseir Yassin known as online name Nas daily, is a travel video blogger, internet personality and speaker who created a daily 1 minute video on Facebook, under the Nas Daily page. He is Palestinian-Israel. He has over 12 million followers on Facebook.

Quick Facts
Birth name
Nuseir Yassin
Born  8, 1992
Birth place Arraba, Israel
Nationality Israeli, American
Education Harvard University
Occupation Blogger
Notable work Nas daily
Known for 1 minute daily video
Girlfriend  Alyne Tamir
Weight 62 KG
Followers 13 million

Early life

Nuseir Yassin was born in a Muslim family on  8, 1992 in Arraba, Israel. His father is a teacher and mother is a psychologist. He has four sibling.

Personal life

Nuseir Yassin isn’t married yet but he is in a relationship with  Alyne Tamir . He is graduated from  Harvard University.

His local dialect is Arabic; he likewise communicates in English and familiar to Hebrew.

Focusing on the Ivy League schools in the United States, Yassin connected to Harvard looking for a degree in advanced plane design at 19 years old and got a scholarship. He expressed that he got acknowledged by virtue of his application paper that definite his battle to accomplish his fantasies being an Arab conceived in Israel. He graduated with a degree in financial matters in 2014 and furthermore contemplated PC science. While procuring his degree, Yassin helped to establish the site Kindify, a show proactive kindness enrollment benefit, with Gal Koren and Peregrine Badger in 2011.

In September 2014, he began functioning as a product engineer for Venmo, a portable installment benefit claimed by PayPal where he earned a pay of US$120,000.

Nuseir Yassin Carrier

In 2016, in the wake of sparing around US$60,000, of which 20,000 was in fluid cash, Yassin left his place of employment at Venmo and began voyaging all once again the world. He chose to begin a Facebook page named Nas Daily, where “Nas” signifies “individuals” in Arabic, and focused on making a video regularly for 1,000 days. The main nation he visited was Kenya. One of his first exercises was to show five individuals in Nigeria how to make recordings, for which[clarification needed] he earned US$3,000 per month. His wellspring of salary is advertisement income from his Facebook page, selling T-shirts, and counseling for individuals intrigued by multimedia. After gathering Facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg in mid 2018, Nas Daily was moved up to “appear” status. In January 2019, his Facebook page had more than 10 million followers. and this rose to more than 12 million by February of the equivalent year.

Yassin expressed that his recordings are one moment long on the grounds that watchers are occupied and that he posts on Facebook rather than YouTube, where he could be acquiring more cash, on the grounds that “my companions don’t go on YouTube”. He likewise expressed that collaborations are progressively close to home on Facebook, where client accounts are fixing to real individuals instead of YouTube. His recordings are shot utilizing a SLR camera with a connected receiver, altered amid the night, and afterward discharged the following morning. All things considered, every video takes around six hours to shoot and three hours to edit. Yassin picks points to highlight on his recordings dependent on proposals given by his Facebook adherents, either through in-person gatherings or online visit applications. He closes his recordings with the slogan: “That is one minute, see you tomorrow!”

Among the general population who travel with Yassin and help make his recordings are Alyne Tamir, an American-Israeli video creator and his sweetheart, and Agon Hare, a video blogger and performer from Poland.

Yassin made a few recordings about the Israeli-Palestinian clash inside Israel, examining religious and racial strains among Jews and Arabs in his nation of origin.


In 2019 Nas daily

Nas completed his 1000 day by day video venture on fifth January 2019. He finished his last video with the slogan “That is one moment, see you soon”. On first February 2019, Nas began making one video for each week. He is anticipating doing this for 100 weeks. His recordings currently end with a commencement of the quantity of weeks left to satisfying this dedication. He is the wanting to move to San Francisco and begin a video making organization. He is additionally composing a book.

***Facts About Nuseir Yassin***

  • Does Nuseir Yassin smoke?: No
  • Does Nuseir Yassin drink alcohol?: No
  • Nuseir Yassin was born in Israel and raised in USA.
  • Height?:                       5 feet 4 inch
  • Weight?:                      62 Kg
  • Hair Color?:               Black
  • Eye Color?:                 Dark
  • Hobbies?:                   Films, traveling, hangout with friends.
  • Favorite food?:         Rice, Pizza, Chinese food.
  • Favorite color?:       Blue, black, white and yellow.


Did you know…

  1. Nuseir Yassin also is a aerospace engineer.
  2. He is  software developer  as well.
  3. He worked in Venmo, which is owned by Paypal.


Year                                                           Event
1992 He was born on  8, 1992 in Arraba, Israel.
2011  He co-founded an website named Kindify.
2014 He worked as a software developer in Venmo.
2016 He started the page Nas daily.
2018 He met founder of Facebook  Mark Zuckerberg.

Nuseir Yassin Photos



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