Noah Yang Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Noah Yang is an American singer who started singing when he was 4, he took a jump and decided to express his feeling and emotions in his songs. His first debut album Mentality has a “different” sound and talks about world problems in Light and when he was in a very confusing time in his life.

Quick Facts
Noah Yang
Born December 28, 2004
Age 20 years
Birth place

Charlotte North Carolin

Nationality American
Occupation Singer

Early life

Noah Yang was born in Charlotte North Carolina but he moved when he was 10 to Berkeley California.

Personal life

Noah Yang’s relationship status is single.

Noah Yang Career

His hit song “Lost in the Sea” is about him feeling lost in his emotional state. His EP “clouds and harmonies” has touching harmonies with deep meaning while other songs are diva and dance worthy.
His Release “queen” is talking about self love and self esteem. Is latest song “complicated” with over 1.5k streams is about meeting someone with mixed feelings. He’s quotes “start out small, then make your way up”.