Omar Jackson Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Career, Photos

Omar Jackson is an entrepreneur and businessman who is well known for being the founder of OJ Lifestyle, a lifestyle tech brand which has social sustainability and giving back at its core. He is also a Partner at Berkeley Assets and a racing driver. Jackson is at the forefront of opening and operating other businesses including a digital concierge for travelers.

Quick Facts
June 26, 1990
Age 34 years
Birth place London, United Kingdom
Education Langley Grammar School, UCL – University College London
Occupation Entrepreneur

Early life

Omar Jackson was born on June 26, 1991 in London to an Indian mother and a British father. Omar’s upbringing was tough, as his father was not a part of his life, he was bullied in school, and at times experienced racism. However, his mother set a hardworking example for her two sons by committing to provide the best life she could for them both. Omar recognized her dedication and was inspired by her to make the best life possible for himself.

Impactful Experiences

A near-death experience at the age of seventeen had a large impact on Omar’s outlook on life. An intense allergy attack caused Omar to be rushed to the emergency room. The doctors were able to ensure his rapid recovery, and Omar developed a new appreciation for life, realizing that it could all end any day. From then on, he wanted to live life to the fullest.

Entrepreneurial Career

Omar always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He claimed, at the age of eight, that one day he would have his own business. At thirteen years old, he sold cakes to his classmates and teachers at school.
His first real jobs were at Primark and Heathrow Airport, but his first large successful venture was in the electronic smoking industry during its infancy. His success continued in corporate finance, and running several businesses before becoming a Partner at Berkeley Assets.

OJ Lifestyle

In 2019, Omar launched his own brand; OJ Lifestyle. The brands motto is “a disruptive force of passion and drive, designed to energize, thrill and inspire.” Omar believes that society today is hungrier for experiences than they are about material possessions and wants everyone to experience and enjoy what life has to offer. OJ Lifestyle is also passionate about supporting youth, inspiring and developing their talent through educational initiatives, and aiding those in need with his personal involvement in charity.
Associated to the brand are a variety of tech companies which focus on re-defining lifestyle digitally and ensuring that one’s desired lifestyle is more accessible.

  • This includes:
    a subscription-based experiences application offering unique experiences and offers with a variety of highly regarded brands across the UAE. This was launched in September 2020.
  • “Your Digital Best-Friend” – merging high tech software with lifestyle to produce a state-of-the-art digital personal assistant that can manage all your personal, business & leisure requirements. This will launch in 2023.


OJ Lifestyle also has divisions in F&B with multiple ventures in the pipeline in partnership with popular hospitality groups. The brands first venture in this space is expected to launch in Q4 2022. Furthermore, OJ Lifestyle has produced multiple public and private events from arena scale music and comedy to VIP Formula 1 shows and parties.
OJ Lifestyle, the brand, has spent years building bridges and association to some of the worlds leading household brand names which will surely aid the rapid growth of this unique and people focused venture.


From building a school in Tanzania, renovating an orphanage in Sri Lanka, feeding workers during Ramadan, supporting the same Sri Lankan orphanage with supplies through Covid-19 and inspiring children to work hard – giving back is something Omar considers vital and rewarding. Inspiring those around him to look within themselves and develop their own passions is something incredibly rewarding for Omar.

Driving Career

Omar’s talent for driving emerged at the age of twelve, and eventually led him to race for Ferrari. He is part of the Swiss team, Kessel Racing, in the GT series. In 2021 and 2022, he competed in the Pirelli European Ferrari Challenge Series, the longest-running, single-make championship in the history of Ferrari. He is also competing in the highly rated international GT3 series; GT Open, racing against other leading car manufactures such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi and Lamborghini.

Omar’s Future

Omar has a strong desire to build a strong foundation for his own family in the future. He wants to be in the best possible financial situation to support and dedicate most of his time to his family and his passions. He wants to leave a legacy of success, happiness and inspire future generations to achieve what they think is impossible.