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Meet Paige: A Homeschooling Mom on a Journey of Discovery

Paige Koser, the heart and soul behind @paigekoser, invites you into her world—a world where family, entrepreneurship, and adventure intersect to create a life filled with joy and purpose. As a devoted homeschooling mom to Brooks (5), Crew (2), and Oakley (1), Paige is committed to nurturing strong family bonds while embarking on exciting new ventures.

Family First: Building Memories One Adventure at a Time

For Paige and her husband, family is everything. From turning their 20-acre property into a future homestead to launching their first franchise, they approach each endeavor with a sense of excitement and determination. Despite their busy schedules, they always find time to sneak away on quick family trips, cherishing every moment spent together.

Join the Journey: Embracing Life’s Many Adventures

@paigekoser isn’t just an Instagram account—it’s a window into the Koser family’s journey of growth, discovery, and togetherness. Follow along as Paige shares glimpses of their daily life, from homeschooling adventures to entrepreneurial pursuits. Join the community and be inspired to live a life filled with love, laughter, and endless adventure.

Let’s Connect: Collaborate with Paige

Are you a brand or organization looking to collaborate with an influencer who embodies the spirit of family, entrepreneurship, and adventure? Reach out to Paige at and discover how you can partner together to create meaningful content that resonates with audiences across North America.