Papers and Parcels (PNP) Company Wiki/Bio, History, Net Worth, Others

Papers and Parcels (PNP) is a leading courier company in India, Mumbai, founded in 2018. Tilak Mehta is the founder of this Company.

The Company specializes in delivering papers and parcels within the whole of India. The Company offers a wide range of services such as next-day delivery, same-day delivery, and many more. Papers and Parcels (PNP) is one of the few companies which provide a tracking system for customers.


The Company’s primary goal is to provide same-day pickup and delivery service throughout the Mumbai area. Dabbawala, situated in Mumbai, is the best source for delivering items across the country. The Company sought a cost-effective alternative to the expensive same-day delivery offered by courier services by partnering with them.
This service comes right to your door. Paper and Parcel has 100 full-time employees and 300 dabbawala partners who all use an app to complete deliveries. According to the most up-to-date research, it currently processes over 1250 deliveries daily. It has an efficient system of Dabbawala who deliver things after finishing their regular jobs.
At this time, a customer can pay anything from 40 to 180 INR for delivery of up to 3 kg. Their current service area extends from CST to Kharghar, CST. The Company’s primary goal is to ensure that all deliveries within Mumbai are picked up and delivered on the same day. Since same-day delivery via courier is prohibitively expensive, he looked into alternative options and came across Dabbawala, a Mumbai-based company that provides home delivery services.

Paper N Parcels Net Worth:

According to calculations, Paper N Parcel will have a value of over 100 crore Indian Rupees by the year 2022. Paper and Parcel, a doorstep logistics firm with a robust 100-person staff and 300 dabbawala partners, is fully app-based.


The Paper and Parcel company is soul, and Tilak Mehta is the Company’s main founder. He wants to grow his business as much as possible in the hopes of receiving investment from outside sources.


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