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Parallels (French: Parallèles; stylized as Para//èles) is a French science-fiction streaming television series produced by Daïmôn Films and Empreinte Digitale for the Walt Disney Company. The series premiered on Disney+ on March 23, 2022 in France, the US, and other countries. The series is about four teenage friends who are affected by a Physics experiment which fractures spacetime, sending their lives in divergent directions.

Name : Parallèles
Genre : Science fiction, Adventure
Created by : Quoc Dang Tran
Written by : Quoc Dang Tran, Anastasia Heinzl
Directed by : Benjamin Rocher, Jean-Baptiste Saurel
Composer : François Liétout
Country of origin : France
Original language : French
No. of seasons : 1
No. of episodes : 6
Producers : Quoc Dang Tran, Raphaël Rocher, Eric Laroche
Running time : 34–42 minutes
Production companies : Daïmôn Films, Empreinte Digitale
Distributor : Disney Platform Distribution

Plot & Summary –

Four teenage friends, on the French-Swiss border, whose lives are turned upside down by an experiment of the LHC, the world’s biggest particle collider.
The lives of the four friends Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor are completely turned upside down when a mysterious event ensures that they are torn from their world and that each of them finds themselves in a different parallel world. Each of the four do everything possible to understand what exactly happened and look for a way to return to their original homeworld.

Casts & Characters –

•Thomas Chomel as Samuel “Sam” •Deslandes – Victor’s more responsible older brother.
•Jules Houplain as Victor Deslandes (17 years old)
•Maxime Bergeron as Victor Deslandes (13 years old) – Sam’s mischievous younger brother.
•Omar Mebrouk as Bilal Belkebirs (30 years old)
•Timoté Rigault as Bilal Belkebirs (14 years old) – He has a secret crush on Romane.
•Jade Pedri as Romane Berthauds (almost 18 years old)
•Victoria Eber as Romane Berthauds (14 years old) – She is protective of her mother and her little half-sister Camille.
•Naidra Ayadi as Sofia Belkebirs – Bilal’s widowed mother. She is a scientist at the research facility connected to the incident.
•Guillaume Labbé as Lieutenant Retz – A police officer investigating the disappearances.
•Gil Alma as Arnaud Deslandes – Sam and Victor’s father.
•Elise Diamant as Alice Deslandes – Sam and Victor’s mother.
•Dimitri Storoge as Hervé Chassangre – Father of Romane’s young half-sister Camille.
•Agnès Miguras as Vanessa Chassangre – Romane and Camille’s mother.


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