Patricia Loison Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Patricia Loison is a French journalist and TV presenter of Indian origin, former student of the College of Journalism from Lille ( 67 th promotion).

Quick Facts
Patricia Loison
Born February 16 , 1971
Age 53 years
Birth place New Delhi, India
Occupation Journalist
Other work News presenter

Early life

Patricia Loison was born in February 16 , 1971 in New Delhi, India. As a child, Patricia Loison is a boarder in an orphanage in New Delhi, India. At the age of six months, she was adopted by a French couple and grew up in Paris .

Personal life

At the end of the 2015-2016 season, Patricia Loison takes a two-year leave to follow with her family her husband, commercial director in the airport, left to work in Japan. His return to France is planned for summer 2019.