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Pierdavid Joseph Palumbo, known as Pierdavid Palumbo (Pronunce Peerdevid Paleumbo) (born in Trani November 15, 1991) is an Italian singer, Began his Career in 1996 in a duet with his father, singing jazz songs and subsequently producing his first album in 1997 entitled “lucky event” boasts numerous tours all over the world, his Instagram Profile quickly grew with his artistic talent, he is considered the first Electro.

Quick Facts
November 15, 1991
Age 32 years
Birth place Trani, Italy
Birth name Pierdavid Joseph Palumbo
Education Pierre Mendès-France University
Occupation Singer

Early life

Born and rise

Pierdavid Joseph Palumbo was born on November 15, 1991 in Trani in Italy and grew up in France with her grandmother Rosa and aunt Paolina, from the age of 3 months, in an apartment of 13 Rue Colonel Manhes Saint-Martin-d’Hères attending the nursery, The maternal Uncle Domenico will give him his Ukulele where is passion for this instrument will later born, will return to italy at the age of five and Pierdavid Listened to his father on the radio show and starting to sing all day raising his voice, and annoying the whole neighborhood in italy, in 1997 produces his first album entitled “Lucky Event” the duo will also perform in Las Vegas and many locations, grows up in a difficult way where he will have to defend himself from bullying kids.


He attended all the schools in Corato even if he was not a good student, he was ribellius and sometime skipped for fun, he worked as a newspaper delivery and he graduated in the tourism service, later Pierdavid starts traveling as a tourist entertainer in different place, it was the beginning of his new experiences, where he learn to be a versatile in the field of music and in a various cabarets.


He go around all the beaches entertaining the people by singing and spending the nights with each different girls like a “don giovanni”. in 2014 he returned to live in France with his grandmother to attend the Pierre Mendès France University attending courses in musicology and he meet various musicians from all over the world, where he form a band and perform in the evening in various local clubs, Pierdavid learns the art of Jazz Scat improvise with his voice like an instrument and doing a various Jam session.


Pierdavid wins an award for the best arrangement of a french song Les P’tits Papiers trasforming it into an American- Style jazz song.


Early career

Palumbo has been singing professionally since he was a teeneger, he learned to read music and he play with the Tenor Ukulele he will be a singer in a various luxurious hotels and resorts and entertainer especially to lonely ladies, in 2017 he was noticed by an important record label In Rome Sifare Publishing for the production of Street Life with the special participation of the american musician Eric Daniel with the arranger Francesco Digilio the production was so successful.


In 2018 Pierdavid flies on tour to Cuba with his father and they stayed for a month performing in a various clubs, and produce a music video with the song That’s Life in 2019 the label decides to produce Historia De Un Amor with his father, and the song make several appearances in television reports on Rai 3 and Rai 5 on the program Di Là Del Fiume E Tra Gli Alberi Pierdavid also he’s called in a talk show Gran Caffè Di Sera and singing Havana, and the father conduct an astrology show.


In 2020, Pierdavid make his own production in a Budapest for valentine’s day with the song (They Long To Be) Close To You in 2021 produced with label Sifare Publishing the music video on My Way with several dancers around the world, the song goes viral on all social networks.



Crooner In The World and the heir of Frank Sinatra and crooners of 50s for the evolution of the Swing to Electro Swing music genre. Pierdavid is a son of art of Gian Belmondo pseudonym of Gino Palumbo italian singer who achieved the success in 1967, winner of Settevoci and participant an important Festival In Zurich and Mother Francesca Antonietta born in Grenoble french teacher in Italy, she was also a singer and the couple duet on the Teleregione Tv with the song “Vorrei Piacere A Te” but the artistic carrer of mother will be short, preferring to be a housewife. The father will lather become an astrologer having a program of his own entitled “astromagicamente insieme” with the song Magica Domenica wich aired every sunday on tv.

Did You Know…

  • In 2017 he was noticed by an important record label In Rome Sifare Publishing.