Poems by Dr Yusof Mutahar Book Review, Details, Publisher, Author

Poems by Dr Yusof Mutahar” is a poem book written by a great Australian doctor Yusof Mutahar. The poem book is his 4th book of him which published on selected poems from his 200 written poems. The book is the first poem category book of this multi talented person. In this book, there are total 20 poems titled Eyes, Red, Excusable, Love and War, Lost, Disturbed, Eclipse, Inner Beauty, Language of Heart, Divine Friendship, The Best Doctor, Spinning Wheel, Drought, Behind the Eyes, Drifting, Paradox, Piercing Arrow, Captivity, Blissful Hibernation and Hourglass. The book was published by Ventura Press in 2021. There are total 29 pages in this book. From the review option, there are so many positive reviews of the book. People are saying the poems of the book are so powerful and very impressive and great at conveying things literally.

Title : Poems by Dr Yusof Mutahar
Type : Poems
Author : Yusof Mutahar
Publisher : Ventura Press, 2021
Length : 29 pages
Total Poem : 20

About The Author –

Dr Yusof Mutahar is a great Australian Doctor who is well known as the ‘Handsome Doctor’ was born on 18 March 1990 in Perth, Australia and also raised in there. He appeared in several movies where he played the role of a doctor. He has published three medical books titled “ECG simplified by Dr Yusof Mutahar”, “Secondary Causes of Hypertension in General Practice by Dr Yusof Mutahar” and “An Approach to Hypercalcaemia in General Practice.” This multi talented person has been termed one of the most influential doctors on social media and uses his following to propagate preventative health and well being.


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