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ProducerLife ™ is a music software, sound technology, music library and label services company founded by multi-platinum music producer Tito Tahan in 2015.

Legal Name : ProducerLife
Also Known As : #ProducerLife (hashtag)
Company Type : For Profit
Headquarters Regions : Great Lakes, Midwestern US
Founded Date : Aug 24, 2015
Genre : Hip hop, pop, instrumental, dance, alternative, trap, reggaeton, latin, bachata
Country of origin : United States
Location of Offices : Cleveland, Ohio
Official website :
Current artist : Bravenn Dehill, Tito Tahan
Founder : Tito Tahan
Operating Status : Active
Contact Email :
Phone Number : (216) 626-6560

Company History

ProducerLife was founded in 2015 by multi-platinum music producer Tito Tahan. The company has headquarters in the Great Lakes, Midwestern US with offices in Cleveland, Ohio. ProducerLife ’s has worked with an A-list client list such as Lifetime, Viacom and Universal to name a few.

Services & Facilities

ProducerLife offers a full fledged state of the art multi-media center, which creates content for multiple mediums and platforms. The company utilizes an extreme set of resources and technologies to create its unique and vibrate content. ProducerLife has major label infrastructure partnerships with key distributors and aggregators allowing them to idealize, facilitate, produce, manage and distribute projects world wide on all platforms.

Current Artists

ProducerLife’s current breakout roster of artists include Bravenn Dehill who is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Lorain, Ohio who has been featured in Apple News, Yahoo! and Google News. Tito Tahan, ouder of ProducerLife, most known for music production in tv and films viewed on BET, MTV, VH1, OWN, HBO, Lionsgate, and more. Tito Tahan also releases his future musical projects under the same imprint.


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