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Rogelio “Vonz” Santos is an accomplished Filipino-American entrepreneur who has been significantly raising the bar in business by merging pioneering technologies together with social enterprise. He does this by embedding the values and objectives towards social impact together with the core principles of developing a successful business. He has spent the majority of his life targeting the uplifting of all Filipinos around the world, for the benefit of their blossoming nation, because of his deep love and concern for the people and his desire to enhance lives.

Quick Facts
Born August 18, 1979
Age 44 years
Birth place Los Angeles California, USA
Speaker TEDx
Occupation Entrepreneur
Official website

Early life

At the young age of eight, Vonz was already a technology prodigy and defied the stigma of youth by developing a novel software that led him to become an international software consultant for major companies. 


He founded and launched various businesses and soon after, also pioneered a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with facilities in the Philippines and New Jersey, USA to enable small and large businesses to benefit from the financial, performance and scalability of a highly-skilled off-shore workforce. 


A recipient of the Ten Young Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award in 2015 for Social Entrepreneurship, Vonz is the first U.S.-born FilAm to receive the prestigious Presidential award. The TOYM award is the highest recognition a Filipino can receive below the age of 40.  He was granted the honor for his various projects, one of which was the innovative “Butterfly House,” a low-cost, foldable, steel-framed, single unit home which was designed to house displaced calamity victims. The project also led to Vonz’s commendations in Senate Resolution No. 113 and No. 55 for his social entrepreneurial work as well as awards from the Design Center of the Philippines and the Gawad Sulo ng Bayan Award. 


Vonz is the CEO of Aevolve AG, a Swiss-based company with a mission to revolutionize financing for medical innovations that leverages the power of blockchain technology. He is also the Co-founder and Chairman of Amylex Biotech Corp., a biotechnology company researching & developing disease-modifying solutions and diagnostics with several disease targets. Under his leadership, he accomplished FDA approval for commercial use of a nanomolecular based beta-amyloid reduction technology, a primary target in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Fortune 100 Companies

Previously, Mr. Santos has developed several companies and technology-based solutions for many of the Fortune 100 Companies of the United States in the fields of fintech, financial services, pharmaceuticals, real estate, insurance, entertainment, and knowledge-based outsourcing. Mr. Santos has been featured in various international television media and publications such as The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNN, Bloomberg and TEDx on a variety of his projects that include medical innovations, community leadership, geopolitical concerns, and his humanitarian projects for internal displacement. He has been given several awards that span achievements in industry leadership, design, and technology.




Junior Chamber International- Philippines, TOYM Foundation,
Gerry Roxas Foundation

  • For his work on Butterfly House and Amylex Pharmaceuticals



Senate of the Philippines

  • Recognized and commended as an “accomplished entrepreneur (who) has been significantly raising the bar in business by merging pioneering technologies together with social enterprise”



Senate of the Philippines

  • Recognized and commended for his work on Butterfly House, for designing for social innovation and utilizing design as a problem-solving mechanism. It also cites the Butterfly House as a “better alternative to tents or bunkhouses”.



Design Center of the Philippines, Department of Trade & Industry

  • For his innovative design of a foldable, long-term transitional shelter



Gawad Sulo Foundation

  • Recognized as an outstanding civic and community leader



NJBiz Magazine with Ernst & Young






  • Co-founded NuCision, which aims to offer a novel solution to pandemic-causing viruses and develop the world’s first gene-based targeted antiviral against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. (




  • Co-founded the company, which aims to revolutionize financing of medical innovations by leveraging the power of blockchain technology (


2014 FILIPINOS UNITE, INC. (Butterfly House)

Founder/ Chairman

  • Invented and designed the Butterfly House for the Typhoon Yolanda victims



Chairman/ CEO

  • Co-founded biotech operation for the research, development and commercialization of nanomolecular technologies focusing on neurodegenerative illness and beta-amyloid targeted diseases.
  • Co-invented and successfully acquired patent for BETACLEAR concept:
    • Novel Composition for Extracorporeal Reduction of Beta-Amyloids and Process for Producing Thereof (20150087591) – March 26, 2015




  • Developed outsourcing operations in the Philippines for US clients, center group to 256, servicing a variety of centers. The operation specialized in KPL services (Knowledge Process Learning) including call center services, software development and digital marketing




  • US Title Search Inc. was a national commercial title search service that held a niche in the wireless tower development of US clients including all major telco carrier in the US in which the company provided real estate information services for the development of over 10,000 cell towers a year with revenues peaking at $7M 
  • US Title Agency was a license title insurance operation which expanded into 6 states with operation licenses in New Jersey, New York, California Florida, Maryland and Texas. The company was also the provider for CitiMortgage for its top tier client base. The company managed an escrow portfolio in transactions representing $50M a month.
  • Company was sold for $4M in 2005 


1998-2000 BLUETEKT


  • Invented a CAD-based project management and construction software designed for blueprint collaboration worldwide
  • This system was used as cornerstone for Boston Market acquisition by McDonald’s and managed over 1,400 new McDonald’s opening each year
  • The system was also utilized by Hitachi Corporation for turbine manufacturing for power plants, the system coordinated the production and sales offices in Tokyo Europe and US



Programmer Software Consultant

  • Developed a Wall Street journal-featured e-learning platform which is responsible for educating over 13,000 employees every year 
  • Contributed in developing the SCORM XML standards for the IEEE shared contact object
  • Collaborated with the major universities in United States, including Harvard, Yale and Cornell, in developing standards (Standards also help lay foundations for the e-learning systems today)



Chief Systems Architect, Global Financial Markets

  • Developed the first multi-lingual bond analytics and reporting system for General Motor’s portfolio management and bond issuances primarily for the Japanese, French and American stock exchange (The system is lauded for being able to produce and dynamically interchanged information for legal and financial data in real time in Japanese, English and French)
  • Helped developed and evolved the multi-lingual character system known as Unicode which is now the basis for multi-lingual translation in the internet
  • Developed the enterprise-wide security system managing over 50,000 people, creating foundations for the security model called OBAC/RBAC (Organization-Based Access Control/Role-Based Access Control)



International Consultant

  • Developed software for medication compliance
  • Pioneer in object inventory programming, rapid application development methodologies and multi-tier architecture for software systems
  • Developed patient management system and medical record management system integrating OCR system



Staten Island, New York

Software Consultant 

  • Developed software packages from beginning to end for a number of clients including the blood management system of Coney Island Hospital utilizing barcode technology and specialization Optical Character Recognition (OCR)



Software Programmer

  • Developed one of the first fully integrated image database systems for clothing designs and automated workflow management for factory production
  • Innovated visual database systems
  • Built a platform for the comparative value of quarter million for 10% of the cost



Part time Software Programmer (9 years old)

  • Fashion industry, developed software for clothing tags
  • Software was resold through over a dozen firms featured in Women’s Wear Daily Magazine




Date Description Host/ Author Link
2021 Feb 25 Aevolve’s CEO & Co-founder, Mr. Rogelio “Vonz” Santos shares his stories, ideals, and projects revolving around blockchain, healthcare, technology, and medical innovation. Aevolve Official (YT)
2020 Nov 22 LATOKEN – one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges – has announced that its customers can now engage in trading, buying and selling AVEX Tokens, a cryptocurrency that has been established by AEVOLVE. The currency is designed to give people access to some of the latest medical innovations being developed. Live Bitcoin News
2020 Jul 9 AVEX IMPACT from AEVOLVE AG announces strategic partnership with American Dream Present, Sterling Promotions and J3G Global, jointly developing a new platform that combines premium entertainment and world-class boxing events managed by industry icons with novel financing models that leverage AEVOLVE’s technology portfolio and digital assets. The objective is to create new opportunities that enhance financing for solutions that can be leveraged by non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and medical research initiatives. GlobeNewswire
2018 Dec 3 Aevolve company has announced the filing of the first crypto token to be offered in a tracker certificate for subscription on the SIX Swiss Exchange. AVEX.AI (SSPA: 1300) is a classic tracker certificate issued in US dollars that gives accredited investors the ability to invest in a crypto-based structure product and participate in Aevolve’s token (AVEX), the cryptocurrency that powers the company’s proprietary, blockchain-enabled, patient-centric healthcare marketplace called Biospheres. CoinJournal
2018 Nov 23 Introducing AEVOLVE, the future in biotech breakthroughs. It is a bold initiative that will connect and bridge the world of advanced medical innovations directly with patients through blockchain technology. Aevolve Official (YT)



  • 2019 Influencer Awards Monaco
  • World Crypto Conference (WCC) Oct 29-31 2019
  • Celebrity Boxing event in Atlantic City, NJ
  • The Geneva Blockchain event
  • Ritossa Family Office Summit, Monaco
  • Asset Rush in Zurich, Switzerland
  • CC Forum
  • World Economic Forum in Davos
  • AEVOLVE held an event on Feb 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland at the SIX Exchange announcing a first of its kind structured product called the AVEX.AI Tracker Certificate issued via Swiss ISIN, which was designed to participate in the world’s pioneering dynamic tokenized medical care marketplace.

GK’S UNITY, Inventor/ Designer 

  • Invented and designed “GK’s Unity” during his mid-20’s, as part of his project under Gawad Kalinga, a movement whose worthy cause is to help eradicate poverty in this country. This program meant to handle an enterprise-wide information and tracking system. 



Date Description Host/ Author Link
2020 Aug 31 The Philippines enters the innovation race against COVID-19, through the anticipated introduction of Relivir from NuCision company. Amylex YT Account – PTV 4
2020 Aug 5 Fil-Am biotech CEO unveils possible ‘novel treatment’ against COVID-19. ABS CBN News
2020 Apr 27 Breakthroughs during COVID-19 include NuCision’s product in the list. Manila Standard
2019 Jan 27 Amylex Biotech Corp. — a US and Philippines – based biotechnology company — reported that it had developed a nanomolecular medical device that can potentially target the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease. This innovation, according to its developer, will soon be available in the Philippines. Philippine Inquirer
2018 May 23 In a Tedtalk event hosted by Lyceum Philippines University, Amylex’s CEO, Mr. Rogelio “Vonz” Santos, Jr., shares the journey and continuous research of Amylex to develop a “new weapon” that can contribute in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Tedtalk
2018 In early 2018, Amylex received FDA Approval for BETACLEAR® in the Philippines. It became the First FDA Approved Beta-Amyloid Reduction Medical Device in the World, which is significant in the research field as beta-amyloid reduction is one of the most common targets in the search for potential therapeutic applications. Amylex
2013 Apr 20 Amylex is said to have developed a nanomolecular medical device that can potentially target the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Rappler



Date Description Host/ Author Link
2017 Nov 8 Rogelio Santos Jr., also known as “Vonz,” is the first US-born Fil-Am to receive the prestigious The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award. He earned it in 2015 in Manila, in the field of social entrepreneurship.
2017 Feb 22 Manifestation of a Butterfly House Village. Filipinos Unite Inc.
2015 Sep 4 Mr. Santos was interviewed by PTV4 News about the inspiration and concept behind the award winning Butterfly House created by his team. Butterfly Homes PH
2014 Sep 1 The Butterfly House featured in HomeBASE(GMA7). FilipinosUniteNow
2014 Mar 19 The design and concept of Butterfly House is explained in this video. FilipinosUniteNow
2013 Dec 1 In the weeks since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Rogelio “Vonz” Santos Jr. has chartered private helicopters to deliver more than four tons of water, sardines and antibiotics to typhoon-ravaged areas that have seen little aid. Walstreet Journal
2016 Feb 24 Regina Lay sat with TOYM Awardee Vonz Santos, Jr. to talk about his Butterfly House. Bloomberg TV Philippines



Date Description Host/ Author Link
2016 Jul 12 US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG) Manila coordinator Rogelio Santos was seen with other advocacy groups when an international court handed down its historic ruling on the Philippines’ case against China. Angel Movido
2016 Jul 12 An international tribunal in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines in a maritime dispute Tuesday, concluding China has no legal basis to claim historic rights to the bulk of the South China Sea. CNN
2016 Jul 12 Anticipating a favorable ruling in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) dispute, community leaders and advocacy groups held a “victory” party in Manila hours before an international court hands down its historic ruling on the Philippines’ case against China. US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG) Manila coordinator Rogelio Santos is one of the major proponents in this historical endeavor. Rappler
2014 Jul 18 News of China’s construction of a military base on Mabini Reef in Philippine territorial waters has spurred the call by US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG) for global protest rallies on July 24 to denounce China’s “creeping invasion” of the Philippines. Filipino Express
2013 Aug 1 Vonz Santos, head of the USPGG Philippine chapter said his group will feature the performance of “Filipinos Unite”, a collaboration of Filipino artists from around the world who came together to produce original music in response to the escalating tensions with China in the West Philippine Sea. Their project, “Operation: Change the World”, can be viewed at Rappler
2011 Jun 29 Filipino Americans are set to picket the consular offices of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco at 12 noon on July 8, 2011 to protest the PRC government’s scheduled oil rig drilling activities in the Spratly Islands territory of the Philippines this July. The protest actions were called by the US Pinoys for Good Governance (USP4GG), a national organization led by Loida Nicolas Lewis and Rodel Rodis, which includes leading Filipino-American business, political and community leaders focusing on issues impacting the Philippines and the Global Filipino community.
2014 Apr 29 [Obama State Visit] Interiew with Rogelio ‘Vonz’ Santos, Head of Filipino Unite PTV


Mr. Perpetuo de Claro

Board Director, Amylex Biotechnology Philippines, Inc.


I first met Vonz about 10 years ago as a co-collaborator in Gawad Kalinga, a movement whose worthy cause is to help eradicate poverty in this country. He was in his mid-20’s when he created “GK’s Unity”, a program meant to handle an enterprise-wide information and tracking system. I learned that Vonz had come from the United States, set up a BPO organization here and joined GK to help in its information technology thrust.

An obviously brilliant man, already heading his own company in his mid-20’s is already noteworthy. However, what further distinguishes Vonz is this: he has been doing successful work in the US, where he was born and bred, before setting up an operation in the Philippines. He was already hailed as a software prodigy in the US, selling his first software at age 8, he was an international software consultant for major pharmaceutical companies like Bristol Myers Squibb, other such US giants like McDonalds and Hitachi, culminating in his appointment as Chief Systems Architect for the largest corporation in America for international securitization platforms — all these before reaching the ripe old age of 20. By 21, he had established his first multi-million dollar business. It was thus perplexing why somebody who was this successful in the United States, this accomplished, this brilliant, and this young, would spend so much time in this country, at this time, in the midst of the 2000’s first decade, when the Philippines was still considered Asia’s basket case. This went against what we considered “Brain Drain”, where our brilliant folk would seek greener pastures in other countries which would provide ample expression for their brilliance. Even more perplexing when such persons, already financially successful in those countries, specially in the US, would locate themselves back in the Philippines.

One might even suspect, albeit maliciously, that such a person may have run a foul of American laws. This, though, is easily belied by Vonz’s frequent travels to the US and back.

The other suspicion, then, must be that he likes this country, nay, loves it. For what explains the above facts, what explains his leadership in rallying Fil-Am communities in the US, together with another iconic Filipino, Loida Nicolas Lewis, to protest China’s incursions in the Spratlys. What would explain a three-day, no sleep, tinkering with an idea that he was pursuing to alleviate the suffering of the Yolanda victims as they so desperately sought shelter; and this, at the same time that he was coordinating Fil-Am and American aid for these typhoon victims. And again, what explains his insistence that a potential game-changing biotechnology treatment for one of the world’s most feared, and yet still untreatable scourges, be established and made to bear fruit in the Philippines, in spite of its American paternity.

And his work, his passion, his love for this country has borne fruit. His invention of the “Butterfly Homes” for the Yolanda victims, and, prospectively, for other such victims, has been officially cited by the Philippine Senate. He has been named Chairman and CEO of Amylex, a US-based biotechnology company, and its Philippine affiliate, which in 2014 received the approval to conduct the Human Clinical Trial, Phase I, the very first ever granted by the Philippine Food & Drug Administration. This was granted after years of going through a complicated, thorough investigative procedure, conducted by both the regulatory arm of the Philippine government and a most respected private medical institution. With this, the Philippines may be at the forefront of the world’s battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

In my old age, I am excited for the future prospects of our country, and of this man. If he has accomplished so much at this early age, how much more can he, and the Philippines, profit from this brilliant, innovative, passionate and inventive mind. It is my opinion that recognizing Mr. Santos can be an incentive for other successful foreign based Filipinos to consider establishing themselves back in the Philippines, where, as Mr. Santos has shown, brilliance can find creative expression.



Amylex is a leading-edge biotechnology firm dedicated to delivering revolutionary therapeutics and diagnostics tackling some of the world’s most devastating and prevalent diseases. Its pioneering science, developed over a decade of research and numerous animal studies, holds the key to providing medical solutions that will benefit millions of people around the world.

The lead product, BETACLEAR, is to be developed into a clinical service operation for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease through a novel disease-modifying approach. The technology is based on a unique and proprietary approach using nanomolecular robotics.

The company was formalized to run through clinical trials and commercialization process in 2011. The management team is composed of accomplished businessmen as Board of Directors and Advisory Board while the clinical trial team is composed of highly qualified and experienced medical doctors in the fields of Geriatrics, Neurology and Nephrology.

Mr. Rogelio Santos, Jr., the founder and CEO of the company, has not only acquired this United States NIH-funded technology, but has geared the organization towards initiating the clinical studies and commercialization capacity in the Philippines. His intention is to create a lead in product and origination process that can be cited to both encourage medical innovations to originate in the Philippines, develop a first-world medical proposition, and boost medical tourism to a whole new level.



Professor, Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business


“The medical findings and solutions that Amylex has developed provide a breakthrough in the efforts to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The technology has been proven and the organization and business model to implement the program is already in place. The potential of this company is so huge that investors all over the world have been contacting the proponents to be involved in this new technology. Over ten years ago, an innovation in medical science was quietly being studied and developed. Today, Amylex is on the verge of releasing this medical breakthrough to the world. The company and its flagship product offer solutions to one of the world’s most elusive health problems, Alzheimer’s disease. Amylex presents global innovation in approaching the root cause of the disease by employing a medical device technology based on a unique and proprietary approach using a nanomolecular robotics. The development and launch of the product will be done in the Philippines. The method of the process engaged has inspired the development of a more stringent and globally competitive clinical trial approval process in Philippine FDA and already moved multi-national research organizations to contact Amylex towards moving originating science and clinical research in the Philippines, setting a platform where the country may potentially become the new gateway of research into the Asian market.”,Ymw