Sean Bridon Wiki/Bio, Age, Country, Income, Videos & More

Sean Bridon is a renowned African comedy video creator, known for his hilarious videos that have attracted a massive following on social media. Born in Gabonese and raised there, Sean has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, thanks to his unique style of comedy that has won the hearts of many. With a growing number of followers on his Facebook and YouTube channels, Sean Bridon is one of the most popular African artists.

Quick Facts
Sean Bridon
Born July 22, 1982
Age 41 years
Birth place Gabonese
Net Worth $7.3 Million US Dollars
Occupation Comedia, content creator

Early Life and Education

Sean Bridon was born in Gabonese, but his exact date of birth is not known. He grew up in the country and attended local schools, where he developed an interest in comedy. As a child, Sean was fascinated by comedy shows and spent most of his free time watching them. He learned a lot from these shows and started developing his own style of comedy.


Sean Bridon began his career as a comedy video creator by uploading his videos on social media platforms. He started with a small following, but as his videos gained popularity, his fan base grew rapidly. Sean’s videos are known for their unique style of humor, which has won him a huge following across Africa and beyond. Today, Sean Bridon has 30M+ followers on Facebook and 3M followers on his YouTube channel.

Sean Africa

Sean Bridon’s YouTube channel is called “Sean Africa,” and it is managed and directed by Sean and his team of employees. The channel features a diverse cast of characters, including a little person and a woman, all of whom are based in Africa. The main goal of the channel is to entertain Sean’s fans and other online users.


Sean and his team earn over $1000 US Dollars from the channel every day, and they charge an average of $30,000 for attending events. Sean is also involved in philanthropy work through his foundation, “Un coeur pour la mission,” which focuses on national solidarity projects for orphans. The foundation has been in existence for two years and is growing rapidly, fulfilling Sean’s dream of giving back to society.

Personal Life

Sean Bridon is a private person, and not much is known about his personal life. However, he is a family man and has mentioned his wife and children in some of his videos. Sean is also passionate about music, and he often shares his favorite albums with his fans on social media.

Net Worth

Sean Bridon’s net worth is estimated at $7.3 Million US Dollars. His earnings come from his comedy videos, appearances at events, and philanthropy work.



  • Birdy – Young Heart
  • Amy Winehouse – At The BBC
  • Charlotte Cardin – Phoenix
  • Pirate’s Heart – Perseids
  • The Black Keys – Delta Kream


  • Amy Winehouse – At The BBC
  • Birdy – Young Heart
  • London Grammar – Californian Soil
  • Vianney – Let’s not wait
  • Keen ‘V – Rever
  • Pirate’s Heart – Perseids


Sean Bridon is a popular African artist, known for his unique style of comedy that has won him millions of fans across the continent and beyond. With a growing number of followers on social media, Sean is one of the most influential and sought-after comedy video creators in Africa. Despite his success, Sean remains humble and focused on giving back to society through his foundation