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In a globe where anyone with a smartphone can be a content creator, it’s hard to stand out from the pack. That’s where Selfiepop comes in. Selfiepop is the ultimate platform for creators to sell the exclusive, members-only content that their superfans want to see! Selfiepop was founded by Chris Crypto and Dean Lyons, two entrepreneurs passionate about empowering creators. “We believe every creator has a unique voice and something valuable to share with the world,” Chris says. “Selfiepop allows creators to monetize their passion and connect with their biggest fans.”

How does Selfiepop work?

Selfiepop is simple to use. Creators sign up for free and create an account. Then, they can start uploading content. Each piece of content is available for purchase as a “pop.” Fans can purchase pops using Selfiepop’s virtual currency, PopCoin. Once a fan buys a pop, they have 24 hours to view the content. After that, the content is no longer available. This exclusivity is a big part of what makes Selfiepop attractive to fans. They know they’re getting access to the content they can’t find anywhere else.

What type of content is available on Selfiepop?

Selfiepop is home to exclusive content, from videos and photos to behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite creators’ lives. Creators can also offer discounts and special offers to their fans through Selfiepop. One thing that makes Selfiepop so unique is that it’s not just for professional content creators. Anyone with a phone and something to share can sign up and start selling pops.

What are the benefits of using Selfiepop?

Selfiepop offers many benefits for both creators and fans. For creators, Selfiepop is a great way to monetize their content and connect with their superfans. It’s also a neat way to build an audience and reach new fans. And because Selfiepop is a members-only platform, creators can be sure that their content is exclusive and valuable to their fans. For fans, Selfiepop is the ultimate destination for complete, behind-the-scenes content. They can get to know their favorite creators more personally and feel like they’re a part of their inner circle. Plus, they can ensure they’re getting the best possible deals on creator content.


Selfiepop has been a fantastic success, and we couldn’t have done it without the continuous support of our members! We want to give a big thank you to all of our members who have supported us throughout our journey.


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