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Senjuti Saha is a Bangladeshi scientist, microbiologist and researcher who gained worldwide popularity after  sequenced the genome of coronavirus (COVID19). She mainly research on Microbiology, Epidemiology and Global Health. She is the daughter of Microbiologist Dr. Samir Kumar Saha.

Quick Facts
April 23, 1992
Age 32 years
Birth place Bangladesh
Education University Of Toronto
Father Samir Kumar Saha
Occupation Microbiologist

Early life

Senjuti Saha was born in April 23, 1992 in Bangladesh. Her father and mother both are microbiologists. Father Dr. Samir Kumar Saha founder of Child health research foundation in Bangladesh who has been working for 40 years tirelessly to change and save the health of children from Infectious disease. (i.e. Pneumonia, Meningitis.).


Dr. Senjuti Saha has earned her degree in BSc. Biochemistry  from University Of Toronto, she received Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Molecular Genetics from University Of Toronto. Before she studied in Visiting Post Doctoral Scholar in Stanford School Of Medicine Associate Faculty. Senjuti also studied in Public Health Scientist in John Hopkins Bloomberg School
Child Health Research Foundation in Bangladesh.

Personal Life

Dr. Senjuti Saha‘s marital or relationship status not published in any news/sources.


Dr. Senjuti Saha first started researching on simple topics and later she became one of global health researcher.


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