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Mutahar Anas, better known online as SomeOrdinaryGamers (or simply S.O.G.), is an Canadian YouTuber residing in Toronto who was born in May 1, 1994 in Canada. He is a 26 years old YouTuber who posts commentary, gaming and technological videos on YouTube. The most popular series on his channel is ‘Deep Web Browsing and Virus Investigations’. He also streams on YouTube on Mondays and Fridays.

Date of Birth 1 May, 1994
Age 29 Years  
Birthplace Canada 
Occupation YouTuber
Years active 2017-Present
Nationality Canadian
Net Worth $3 million approx.

Some current and former features of his channel:

  • Deep Web Browsing — Mutahar explores The Deep Web and looks at all the bizarre, twisted, and sometimes amusing websites that aren’t indexed by web crawlers.
  • Virus Investigations — He takes a look at a single virus or virus family and explores the payloads and removal methods.
  • Haunted Gaming (former) — This name has been used for both the reading of video-game creepypastas and the playthroughs of games considered scary or unsettling.
  • Nostalgic Web Surfing (former) — Mutahar uses the Wayback Machine to check out the look and feel of various websites from many years ago and see how they have changed over time.
  • Shitpastas(former) — Mutahar, sometimes with his friends, takes a look at creepypastas that were written solely to make fun of the genre.
  • WTF Gaming (former) — This feature takes a look at the weird side of gaming. Kuro Oni is on this series despite the fact its demo, Ao Oni 3D, was on Haunted Gaming. It’s a famous series of his channel. His most popular video titled “WTF IS THIS VIDEO!?! – Deep Web Exploration 11” was uploaded on August 30, 2015.

Family and education –

There are not so much information about his family and education in internet. He is unmarried and he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name was Alexua Marano. In 2020, ImJayStation announced his girlfriend’s death, after that Mutahar noted that after searching and asking about any reports, that the police confirmed that Alexia Marano was not involved in any car accident in Ottawa. He was so shocked after receive the announcement.


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