STEELKIDS Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Video, Followers

Launch and Genre

In the vibrant landscape of YouTube, Steel Kids emerged in 2018 as a family-focused channel, representing the younger members of the acclaimed FUNnel Vision. This dynamic platform offers a diverse range of content, from inventive box fort creations to entertaining skits like Baldi’s Basics in Real Life. Gaming, challenges, and various engaging activities make up the engaging repertoire of this channel.

Rapid Growth and Notable Content

Since its inception, Steel Kids has seen rapid growth, amassing an impressive following of over 650,000 subscribers. The channel’s inaugural video, “Drone Race – Chase vs Shawn / Steel Kids,” marked the beginning of their exciting journey. However, it was their immensely popular video, “Hello Neighbor Plays Fortnite In Real Life! Fortnite Nerf Battle!”, that catapulted them to viral fame, contributing significantly to their channel’s success.

The Dynamic Duo

At the forefront of Steel Kids are the talented duo: FGTeeV Chase, aged 12, and FGTeeV Shawn, aged 8. With their youthful exuberance and creative prowess, these young stars bring a refreshing energy to the channel, captivating audiences with their engaging personalities and entertaining content.

A Creator Group on the Rise

Ranked at #1140 among creator groups, Steel Kids has garnered recognition within the YouTube creator community. The channel’s family-oriented and engaging content has resonated with audiences seeking wholesome entertainment. Fans who enjoy Steel Kids’ content have also shown interest in similar creator groups like Not Enough Nelsons, Sister Squad, Jatie Vlogs, and Cash and Maverick.

Steel Kids’ content is tailored to appeal to a wide audience, offering entertainment suitable for all ages while maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere. Their commitment to family-friendly entertainment has solidified their place in the YouTube landscape, creating a platform that fosters creativity, joy, and wholesome content for viewers across the globe.