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Aaron Owuor Tago (born August 5, 1997), professionally known as Tago (also known as Yung Tago), is an American record producer, songwriter and Artist. Gaining recognition in the hip hop industry for producing songs for artists across the American hip hop scene. In 2015 “Yung” Tago started uploading his production on to the platform YouTube and started gaining traction overtime building a name in the music industry.

Quick Facts
Aaron Owuor Tago
Born August 5, 1997
Age 27 years
Birth place Arlington, Texas, USA
Height 6’3
Occupation Record Producer/ Artist, Songwriter

Early life

Yung Tago was born August 5th 1997 in Arlington, Tx, when Tago was only 5 years old they moved to Africa “When we went to Kenya, I was young and just thought we were on a trip,” Tago said. “Then we kept livin’ there, and I enrolled in school, and six months turned to three years. It was a crazy experience cause everything is so different. It helped me and my siblings become more self-sufficient, and when we moved back to the states I was way ahead in school. That time over there taught me to be happy with what you have, and learn what life has to offer.”

Around music

Yung Tago” would always be around music, Tago says “I’ve always been in music, even made songs back when I was in Kenya banging on mop buckets – I was in choir and played the piano and trombone – but after high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, but knew I wanted to do music” he said. “It was just all of a sudden, I downloaded this software called FL Studios on a laptop and it was something where you had to make a beat or else it gets deleted. It was pure curiosity. I wanted to see what I could do. I had no experience whatsoever, and it got me into production. I found myself loving it. I did it all day and all night.”


Yung Tago used to sell beats on SoundCloud and YouTube, he started selling beats going to studios, just to see how it all worked, he stated “I quickly learned that I need to create a sound of my own and mesh it with the sounds that inspired me”

African culture

The African culture would make a huge impact on his life and the music he would create in the future. To this day, listeners of Tago’s work remark on the distinct sounds and rhythms of the drums. “Over there, it’s all drum-based,” he said. “It’s what keeps people moving. They call it an Afro style and you hear the tribal drum bring a completely different element to the music. Over time, I’ve meshed it with my sound and made it my own.” When people ask Tago how his music career started, he says “pure curiosity.”

Did you know…

  • In 2018 Yung Tago scored his first Major placement with Rod Wave “Heart 4 Sale” His Hunger Games 3 Tape, afterwards 2019 Rod Wave Cuban Links ft Kevin Gates on Rod Wave Album Ghetto Gospel Album and so on.
  • Tago Later went on to produce YG “Stop Snitchin” on YG Album 4Real 4 Real with the Ft DaBaby on the remix.
  • In 2021 He released his first record as an artist called “So Far Gone”
  • And In 2022 Tago then went on later to release his record with artist Sheff G, DoeBoy & Eli Fross called “I’m Him”
  • He Also Founded his own Label Called “Goat Musik”
  • Producing for many artist such Youngboy Never Broke Again, NoCap, Mozzy, Fredo Bang, Doeboy and many more.

Production List

  •  YG – Stop Snitchin (25%)
  • YG – Stop Snitchin Remix Ft Da Baby (25%)
  •  Lil Baby Ft Rylo Rodriguez – Ride (50%) (Prod By Tago)
  • NBA YoungBoy – Deceived Emotions (50%)
  •  NBA Youngboy – Not Wrong Now (16.6%)
  •  Doeboy Ft Moneybagg Yo – Split It (16.6%)
  •  Doeboy ft Vory – Perfect Timing (16.6%)
  •  Dj Esco Ft Doeboy – WatchuTalmbout (16.6%)
  •  Mozzy – BulletProof Fly (25%)
  •  Casanova – Stress (25%)
  •  No Cap – Count A Million (25%)
  •  No Cap – Count A Million ft Lil Uzi Vert (25%)
  •  FloMilli – Mood Everyday (Intro) (50%)
  •  Plies – Wrong Or Right (16.6%)
  •  Plies – Broke (25%)
  •  NLE Choppa – N.W.A (16.6%)
  •  Ola Runt – Osborne Flow (25%)
  •  AMBJaay – Salsa (16.6%)
  •  Bankroll Hayden – Fuck With Us (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – Counted Steps (16.6%)
  •  Rod Wave – OMDB (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – Heart4Sale (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – My Love (50%)
  •  Rod Wave – So Many (16.6%)
  •  Rod Wave – Bottom Boy Survivor (16.6%)
  •  Rod Wave – How You Feel (50%)
  •  Rod Wave – Paint The Sky Red (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – Cuban Link Ft Kevin Gates (16.6%)
  •  Rod Wave – Titanic Ft. Kevin Gates (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – Poison (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – The Greatest (16.6%)
  •  Rod Wave – Roaming (25%)
  •  Rod Wave – To The Grave (16.6%)
  •  Dee Watkins – imperfect (25%)
  •  Einar – Bro Code (25%)
  •  Matué – Banco (50%)
  •  NBA3Three – Hold Your Head (50%)
  •  NBA 3Three – R.I.P AJ (50%)
  •  Blac Youngsta – Pull Up (16.6%)
  •  Blac Youngsta – Drive Thru (16.6%)
  •  Yungeen Ace – How To Love (25%)
  •  YungBleu – Touching Souls (25%)
  •  Glokknine – Jailhizze Blues (25%)
  •  Glokknine – Congratulation (25%)
  •  Glokknine – JIT (Yung Tago) (50%)
  •  Glokknine – Crank Mode (25%)
  •  Glokknine – Armed and Dangerous (50%)
  •  Fredo Bang – Status (50%)
  •  Fredo Bang – Pain Made Me Numb (50%)
  •  Fredo Bang – Kianna (16.6%)
  •  Fredo Bang – Slow Roll it
  •  Fredo Bang – Don’t Stop Believing
  •  Fredo Bang – Federal Raid
  •  Fredo Bang ft YNW Melly – Brazy
  • Fredo Bang – Street Lights
  • Fredo Bang – Paper
  •  Fredo Bang – Don’t Miss
  • Jaydayoungan – Clutchin (50%)
  • Jaydayoungan – Made The List (16.6%)
  • Jaydayoungan – Notice Me (50%)
  • Jaydayoungan – No Tint (16.6%)
  • Jaydayoungan – Purge (16.6%)
  • Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Overload (25%)
  • Yung Bleu – Touching Souls (25%)
  • OBN Jay Ft Quando – TBH (25%)
  • OBN Jay – Serious Matter (25%)