The Superior Iron Man Wiki/Bio, Information, Origin

Basic Information –

The Superior Iron Man is one of the several Iron People from across the Multiverse who were captured by the Collector to be put at the disposal of the participants of the Contest of Champions. He is a villainous version of Tony Stark from a reality who would debut following the events of Axis and became the titular villainous protagonist of the comic book series of the same name and as a major antagonist for his run in Marvel Comics, unlike the original Iron Man, this version is probably the darkest possible qualities of Tony Stark merged into a single being and unlike many versions, this Stark was designed to be a full-fledged “bad guy” rather than morally dubious.

Full Name : Anthony Stark
Known as : Superior Iron Man
Iron Man Suit : The Endo-Sym Armor
Origin : Axis
Living Status : Alive
Reality : Unknown Reality, (currently displaced to Earth-TRN517)
Occupation : Superhero, Engineer, Entrepreneur Billionaire, Supervillain
Powers / Skills : High intellect, Knowledge of machinery and robotics, Combat skills and strategic abilities, Superhuman strength and flight (with his Iron Man suit)
Crimes : Blackmail, Abuse of power, Extortion, Slavery, Drug dealing
Type of Villain : Greedy Tyrant

Biography –

Iron Man is one of the greatest Avengers and superheroes in the MCU, sacrificing his life to stop Thanos once and for all. His courage and bravery saved an entire universe in the process. But in some ways, Iron Man acted just as much like a villain as many of the enemies he faced.
The origins of Superior Iron Man would begin in the Axis event, in which the morality of Earth’s heroes and villains was reversed by magic. While the spell was undone the now corrupt Tony managed to shield himself and thus retained his evil personality even as most of Earth’s heroes reverted back to their usual selves.


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