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Welcome to The Quarantine Mom Podcast, where Katie Brown shares a daily dose of family-centric activities aimed at navigating the challenges of sheltering in place. Each episode introduces engaging projects adaptable for all ages, accompanied by the rationale behind these activities, fostering resilience, and offering teachable moments during uncertain times.

Rising Above Challenges: Family Activities for Sheltering in Place

Join Katie Brown on The Quarantine Mom Podcast for daily activities aimed at helping families navigate the challenges of sheltering in place. Each project, suitable for all ages, is presented with context, emphasizing the importance of these activities during trying times. The goal is to spark teachable moments and foster resilience, ensuring families emerge stronger and more courageous than ever.

Exploring Episodes:

– Quarantine Mom Setting the Table Showdown (19 JUN 2020)
– Olympic Dreams (23 MEI 2020)
– Life Lessons in a Sandwich (30 APR 2020)
– MacGyvering – Making Do During Quarantine (22 APR 2020)
– Natural Self Portraits Boosting Esteem (21 APR 2020)

Trailer Summary:

In each episode, Katie introduces a daily activity tailored for families navigating the challenges of sheltering in place. Tune in for thought-provoking projects, accompanied by words of wisdom, to keep your family engaged in activities that alleviate the stress of these unprecedented times. Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Home.