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Travis Johnson, best known as Travis Mdollaz is an American musician and one of Portsmouth, Virginia’s most successful entrepreneurs – with more than six successful businesses under his belt – this philanthropic community-minded go-getter is now ready to continue chasing that dream by way of a career in music. Having mastered a number of other disciplines, this highly artistic and creative individual has turned to music.

Quick Facts
Real Name
Travis Johnson
Born May 23, 1991
Age 32 years
Birth place Virginia
Occupation Musician, entrepreneur
Debut Ride for Me

Early life

Travis Mdollaz Grew was born at Maryview hospital which is a small town in 1 of the toughest parts of Virginia with a very high crime rate Mdollaz knew from an early age that he had to get out of their and make something of himself! He Grew up Struggling with 3 other siblings Dad incarserated And mom doing the best she can to raise Mdollaz and his siblings alone with little to know help.

Mdollaz Always had dreams of being famous as a child him and his sister would pretend to be celebrities on the award shows and would use fake microphones as if they was giving a speech, in them early moments family and friends knew mdollaz was special and wanted more out of life then the basic of what they was use to.


When it comes to his music, he is different than anything else out there. He don’t follow the trends, he set the trends. He do his own thing. He make his own rules. And he don’t look for validation from the general public

He also isn’t reserved about the kind of lifestyle he enjoys. He’s quick to point out that he loves the finer things in life. It’s that lifestyle that first prompted his friends and family to encourage him to pursue a career as a rapper.

“They told me, ‘You actually sound good for starters, so you should just do it,’” Mdollaz said. “So I did a song and music video and people have gone crazy for it. So I’m sticking with it. I hope my music is known for impacting and changing lives. I don’t want to be rapping just to be rapping. I want to rap with a purpose and help people. If my music can give you a kind of blueprint for how to do better, then I’ve done my job.”