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Turk is a Germany & Canada-raised artist aims to push the boundaries of music by engulfing his ethnic roots and intertwining them with his grasp on western music culture. His culture and fashion taste combined emerge into his distinct harmonic sound. Turk amalgamates his fluency of English, German, and Turkish in order to express his conflicts with love, identity, and culture through his records.

Quick Facts
Born October 29, 1996
Age 27 years
Birth place Komotini, Greece
Birth name Enes Türküm Yüksel
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Artist

Early life

Turk was born to a Turkish family in Komotini, Greece and he was raised in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. He completed his education in multiple schools around the world.


Turk has multiple PR releases and is verified with close to 50,000 followers on Instagram. He’s been listed on multiple playlists under names such as Eminem, Travis Scott, Gashi, and G-Eazy. Viral playlists on Spotify have held him with high retention for long periods of time.


The Turkee’s signature sounds revolves around the harmony that grasps deep emotional lyrics and bass-oriented instrumentals which express complex yet simple emotions. His obsession with aesthetics and minimalism is an endless road he pursues, the simple lifestyle that he desires only helps him dim down the complexities that he only wishes to express.

Saint Projects

He also manages Saint Projects which is a firm which runs management, brand directing, and high firm capital investments.

Net worth

His net worth is aimed to be around 400,000$ to 2,000,000$.

Did You Know…

  • Turk speaks three languages, he knows English, Turkish, and german fluently.
  • He’s been listed on multiple top-notch Spotify and Apple playlists near names such as Eminem, Travis Scott, and G-Eazy.
  • He use to produce electronic trap under the alias Türküm
  • He use to also produce house music under the alias SNO